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How to get back to your life?

You just go with the flow of life and don't have any idea about your self and your life. On that time we don't know what's going in our life but we just go with that flow.

By Feel goodPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
How to get back to your life?
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Did you ever feel like you are lost in your life?

How it feels:

You just go with the flow of life and don't have any idea about your self and your life. On that time we don't know what's going in our life but we just go with that flow. we don't take anything serious or we just let thing to be. It feels like being in a room where there is no light.

Times like that feels worst actually because you don't know what to do next, you don't know where you are in your life, you don't know how to handle this things. But how to survive during this time, see you have a particular way where you continue to live in that. you have your particular track to keep you going. you keep on tracking your things, keep on tracking your achievements, you keep on tracking your daily routine, you keep on tracking your habits but one when you get distracted or get out of all these track.

How to get back to your track?

It is not easy to get back once you are distracted. It takes lot and lot of effort and hard work to be that person again. During the time getting back to life you may feel you are depressed, you feel your worthless, you feel like nothing happened for you etc. But that's not the truth actually. You are just in the bad phase of the life, that's it. When you feel like this just remember this one quote

"Ignore your distractions focus on your goals"

Whatever happened in your life never forgot to focus on your good things. you have certain things to achieve never. let it go. control your distractions stay focused. you know what nothing stays permanent, everything will change if it's your bad time definitely it is also going to change if it's your good time, it is also going to change it it feels hard but it's the reality. Ask yourself about what you want what you are going to do how you feel every day so that you don't get distracted again but once you get distracted just go and sit in a calm place and think about where you did that mistake. if you can really find the solution then go and do that now. never waste a single penny of your time.

, Imagine you are stuck under black tunnel you don't know what to do next but just your moving forward you have no idea where it takes you but you just moving at the end of the tunnel you can see light. Life is like that you don't know where you are going but your goals only take you forward. When you are on a journey and you feel distracted never ever forgot that why you are started and where you are started this journey.

The path is hard, definitely. The path to success is very hard. You get distracted, you get failed, you get tired, you get frustrated with your work, put it all that on other sites, stay focused. It's OK to take time, it's ok if you lost your ways, it's OK to get back to your life but what is not ok is just staying where you are.

when life is hard try to focus it has something yo tell you and teach you. Once you start to look your life in that way, you can see the different way to approach you life. This feel will be very new if you start you begin to do so. You will start to love the feel actually.

Some days on that time you feel bad about yourself. You feel like you lost your life and you cannot do anything with that. But the truth is not what you think. It is completely different from you opinion about your life. Your bad times are temporary it have to change. Like our good times our bad times will also change. We have to accept it.

Other than that we have some ways to get back to life.

Move on

Don't be there where you feel like you don't deserve or you feel like it is not your place. If you get a chance to change you living then do that it may change the way you see life.

Listen to your fav songs

This might sounds crazy but it works. Our fav song or any song has a vibe to it. when you are down just try this. You can see a instant vibe change in your mood. That is the spark you need bigly to change your life. If you get it then it is easy to make it as a whole vibe.

Listen to something positive

When you feel down you can listen to something positive which will motivate you to living your dream life.

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