How to Find Your Path and Awaken Your Creativity

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How to Find Your Path and Awaken Your Creativity


Not kidding—that's it. That's the big secret.

Do things.

Google it.

Buy a book.

Ask a friend.

Stop sitting in your bed wondering what the heck to do. Stop going to work every day wishing you had something better to do, or at least a hobby to make things bearable. You need to look it up, read an article, enroll in a class, watch a webinar. Stop being that lump of kinetic energy, and take some action, sis!

The more you use that excuse of being busy, the more complacent you get. The further away you get from where you want to be. The truth is, we are not committed to doing anything in particular, even if we've "committed" to it. We are free to make any choice we like, at any moment. Sure, we make commitments and promises, but we can always change our minds.

"I have to go to work." No, you are choosing to go to work. We choose every single action we take. I'm not telling you to quit your job this instant; I'm just saying you have the choice to. When we get too comfortable or lost, we forget that.

Where you are right now is the outcome of choices, big and small, that you made. Actions are what got you here. And actions will be what gets you back on the creative path.

There's truly no secret formula. You just gotta do things. All the things that have ever interested you. Try them, go do them, learn about them.

Buy a frickin drum set. Go to a dance class. Read a book about space.

You don't even really have to move. There are so many resources on the internet, to learn about anything you could possibly imagine. That is incredible, and we totally take it for granted and forget we even have that capability. Research. You can learn about sea creatures, cars, poetry. Chances are, you like to read, since you are reading this right now. Good job! You are showing yourself that you want to try things, and you are ready for new things.

It doesn't have to be something drastic, like switching career industries all of a sudden. BUT, IT CAN BE. You are totally and entirely in control. Figure out what gives you joy and sparks your curiosity.

You might not like what you find. You might try it for a few months, and fail. You might try it for a few months, and get bored again. You might try it for a few months, and realize it's your calling, and create a life around it.

The reason you need to do this and not wait is because we are human. Look around you, at whatever space you are in. The fact that you are there is special. The fact that we are all on this earth is special. And limited.

A tendency towards fear often prevents us from taking risks or trying new things. Fear of judgement, fear of failure. But sis, take that risk. I'll say it: frickin YOLO. Seriously, though. You either create great success and happiness in your life, or you learn from mistakes or misfortune. You can fall down; it's okay. Most people fail first. Get up, and have another go. The prospect is exciting anyways, and failing is not a solely negative outcome. It has been painted as such, but we learn so much from our failures, and through our failures, we find what truly does work.

Keep trying things. Research. Take risks. Ask for help, if you need it.

Don't settle.

Do the thing every day until you don't like it anymore. And repeat.

You will die a happy human. I promise.

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