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How To Find Your Life's Purpose

by Rabih 14 days ago in healing

It was never supposed to be confusing

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

We used to live in a society where only a ‘few’ were allowed to know how to make their lives better. Whether it was through some sort of secret teaching, or through some exclusive access— knowledge wasn’t shared with equality.

Human beings used to live simple lives. We didn’t have too many questions and we just lived according to our programming. But now? It’s the complete opposite.

With all our different advancements — knowledge cannot be concealed anymore. Anyone, anywhere has access to anything. And with this access, people have come to know more about the world, and what they can do in order to better their lives.

One thing we learn very quickly is to have goals. To find a purpose to our life. A goal gives us a direction, a goal acts as mold in which we put our very best so that life shapes itself according to our vision.

While a purpose is necessary to find some form of clarity in our lives, finding one seems to create more confusion than anything else. Why is that?

For the simple reason that people assume they don’t already have a purpose.

Life works synergistically — Nature gives us oxygen, we give Her carbon dioxide. The Sun gives life to all that exists, and through this life, we’re able to go on with our daily affairs. And so on.

How would we be able to learn from each other, perfect our crafts, achieve our different goals, experience life and grow wiser, and so on — if this purposeful balance wasn’t there in the first place? How would all those things that matter to us stay in place if there wasn’t Nature nor the Sun as an example?

Once we understand that whether or not we’ve become aware of it, everything, including us, exists with a purpose — we can move to the next part.

We’re all showed how others’ lives are so much more ‘cooler’ than ours. From movies, to songs’ lyrics, to social media and so on — everything seems to be perfect. And to make it seem like it’s perfect is the goal. Here’s why.

We’re all ‘compressed’ by daily activities. We have responsibilities, people to take care of, urgent tasks to get done, deadlines to meet, etc. Most of our days, and sometimes nights are spent giving our attention to one damn thing after the other. This is life.

Add to this superhuman routine the different ‘bad news’ from the media that come even into our beds, and you have a recipe for a pretty stressful existence. How have we learned to cope with it?


While we know that distracting ourselves won’t necessarily solve our problems, we still do it, heck, maybe tomorrow we’ll take care of ourselves. We’ve got more pressing things to do.

Little by little, through this seemingly inoffensive daily routine, we’re programmed. And before we realize it — our life sucks in comparison to others’. Even if others’ lives actually suck more than ours. But we don’t want to see this.

So we feel confused. Everyone has succeeded. Everyone but us. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone but us. Thinking about it makes us even more confused so we don’t bother with it. We just forget about it and settle for whatever time we have left. We go through the motions. If only we knew how close we were to finding our purpose at that specific point. If only we knew, that a slight change could bring our purpose right to our face.

What is it?

First, we saw that whether or not we were aware of it, we all have a purpose. Our existence is purposeful. Without you, so many things would go sideways. Your very presence adds more harmony to life. One day you’ll realize it for yourself if you didn’t already.

Next, we saw that our daily routines program us to think in a certain way, one that adds more drama to our lives — without necessarily being factual.

And finally, we said that a slight change at this point would make our purpose reveal itself.

What is this change?

To be okay with it.

It’s that simple.

It’s an ideal, a fantasy — not a fact — that you’re supposed to be an actor, a top model, an athlete, an influencer, an entrepreneur, and whatever else. If you’ve been working at becoming something for many years — this is your choice. But if you just absorb whatever others are telling you to do, that’s a supposition. And it’s normal that you’re so confused about it. You didn’t choose it after all.

Through these different routines, you have stirred too many confusing thoughts. The best thing to do right now is to simply let it all go. Forget about it. Let the confusion settle. You need to find yourself. To come closer to your essence.

Until then.

You don’t feel like you found a purpose to your life? Fine. Your presence is purposeful either way. It’s okay. Own it. ‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to do’. Be honest with yourself. And then accept it. ‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, and I’m okay with it.’ At this specific moment, this is your purpose — to accept the fact that you don’t know what to do.

We give too much importance to a flashy life. We tie ourselves so tightly with all these gadgets and the comfort of our existence that we have too much to lose. And the idea of not living up to others’ expectations scares us. It shouldn’t.

There is a lot of life everywhere. People live in many different ways that are not always broadcasted by the media. This doesn’t mean you should live like they do, no, you can keep your life as it is — but examine the fears, the attachments to it, and let it go.

Come to term with where you are right now. Whatever it is. Own it. This your purpose at this moment.

What’s the worst that could possibly happen? A simple life? What’s best?



I write about spirituality, not only to inform but most importantly to transform.

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