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How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness?

Tips to Finding Your Inner Happiness

By Berina KaricPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

There is no standard process or mandatory steps to follow to find your peace of mind. With our busy schedule, hectic lifestyle, and everyday stressors, it’s more challenging to find your inner peace. Is it possible? It surely is.

Self-criticism is the main culprit for low self-esteem, unhappiness, poor mental health, and other emotional problems. You must learn to love yourself unconditionally. To start this practice, begin by avoiding negative self-talk and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, instead of saying “I am too fat and unattractive” say “ I am beautiful and attractive as I am”.

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Express gratitude for what you have achieved and all the positive events in your life. Your attitude on life reflects whether you are happy or not. A grateful person experiences peace of mind regardless of his or her surroundings. The more you appreciate what you have, the happier and less stressed you feel.

The first step to inner peace and happiness is letting go of whatever doesn't matter.

Something that helps a lot is letting go of whatever doesn't matter in the present moment, which means not worrying about what you don't have or haven't been able to achieve yet, as well as not dwelling on the past events now over. It is very easy to get stuck thinking about the past, regretting what happened and not being able to move on.

Also, let go of whatever is dragging you down now. This will make room for things which do matter in your life now that are worthy of your attention.

The second step is learning how to be content with what you already have.

This is the stage where you accept that you cannot change things from the past, and that there are aspects of your life now which may be unpleasant or even displeasing, but they're still a part of your life nonetheless. In this case, there isn't much you can do except to learn how to live with it — and that's exactly what contentment is.

It sounds simple enough, but it can be difficult to put into practice sometimes because of all the unnecessary things in our lives that are actually just distractions from being able to enjoy everything else we have.

The third step is accepting whatever happens, especially when you're not prepared for it.

It's easy for us to keep thinking that our lives are going to be perfect. We try not to accept anything unpleasant or disappointing, only focusing on the things which make us feel good right now.

But what happens when you're blindsided by an event that leaves you feeling sad, mad, confused or disappointed? That's when you need inner peace and happiness the most, because it's when you're going through a tough time.

Choose to live a life you love living. Once you have learned to be good to yourself, the next thing to do is to love yourself. Get rid of the “I am not good enough” mindset and embrace a new you who can make changes in your life.

You cannot rely on other people to make you happy all the time — especially if they don't play a big part in your life or have no control over what happens to you. Sooner or later, something is going to happen which will leave you feeling upset and it's only on the event of such times that you'll be glad that you've learned how to find inner peace and happiness.

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