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How to Find Happiness in Under 1000 Words — Be the Revolution — Happiness Guaranteed!

by Johnny Vedmore 3 years ago in happiness

The Simple Ways to Live a Happy Life

How to Find Happiness in Under 1000 Words — Be the Revolution — Happiness Guaranteed!
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Are you angrier than you’ve ever been before? Then join the revolution! The time is now to claim your own piece of the pie and not to end up chomping on dry crust again. Your hands should be shaking with rage. You should throw your phone at the floor and scream. “Fuck the consequences!” Then spontaneously explode.

We don’t need another political spring that can be easily plugged. We need to storm the actual Bastille! Our finest hour was a long time in the past. We weren’t even in existence to enjoy it. Now we are part of the problem rather than the creators of a suitable solution.

How do we show our frustration? We write. We write angry words, and we hope that people will read between the lines. We cannot reveal the solutions to you because many of the solutions have been criminalised. You have a voice but you can make no noise.

Children are doing most of the marching now because the adults don’t believe that any real change is possible. You can bring a million people together in one place and they will shoot your leaders down. You can scream “no more senseless wars” and they’ll play the game of shock and awe. There is no way for little ol’ you to change the system; it is beyond your control.

So stop right now! Stop with your anger which you successfully project onto every situation. Stop and change your life. As an individual you are the Bastille and you need a self revolution. You need to stop directing your anger just at Trump, Putin, Macron, Merkel, and May. They are not going to change their ways. You need to change yourself, so that you are actually ready for the real fight to come.

What you need to do?

Firstly, understand that you know barely 0.0001% of everything that you could know. You are just an empty vessel who will continue to evolve as long as you continue to learn. So do it. Learn everything you can, whenever possible. Secondly, you must live only by the truth, however difficult that may be. There is no space in a happy life for lies, deceit, and betrayal. Thirdly, take ownership for everything you can, whether you are responsible or not. So the steel industry is almost gone. That’s my fault, now how can I fix it? Nazi hate is on the rise! I’m the root cause, so what can I do about it? Children are being shot to death in school. That’s our fault, now let's change the world forever!

You must leave your anger in the past. If you are angry at anyone, then you should be angry with yourself. Anger is the result of poor communication and you have plenty of ways to tell your story. You need to actually do it. Stop procrastinating. Take responsibility for yourself and tell your truth.

Become unimpeachable. Give no loving person any logical reason to mistrust you. Prove it constantly, over and over. Take on the love and focus your hate towards creation. Write, sing, paint, mould, mash, and manipulate the hatred into a creation which you can perceive. Give your anger a physical embodiment in the real world and study it carefully. See what your hate looks like and put it in a box. Creation can be the questions and answers dancing in unison.

Fight for the people who need you. Fight for the poor, the disabled, the sick, the mentally ill, and give love to the unloved, and unlovable. Let them see what a simple feeling could mean to them. Ask them why they need to keep the anger within them. Help them to let it go. Realise that all change starts with your one personal transformation. Their problem is your problem and your problems have solutions.

Live in a way that does not risk unnecessary pain to others. Be assertive but keep your kindness and good nature. Have confidence in your ability to communicate. Listen first. Don’t stop listening. When you think you have something to say, then listen more before you do eventually speak. Speaking should bring wisdom, knowledge, and sincerity. The people who use anger as their primary communication tool are scared to be alone. Ease their burden by taking time to listen to their concerns. Listen to them until they speak calmly. Listen to them until you understand why you are listening. Ask for nothing in return.

My words are not religious, and they are not ideological; rather they are a basic template to a life filled with happiness and love. Tell your friends, family, and children to live a life full of truth and kindness. Always have the time for people who don’t offer you the same courtesy. If you choose ignorance over truth then you will only ever be met with further ignorance. But if you choose to meet ignorance with truth, then you will be a wise teacher and a good friend.

Become the example that you know it is possible for you to be. Show the future generations a brighter path and accept that responsibility as your primary role on Earth. Give power to the words you speak with actions that have integrity at their core.

Be open, be honest, and be kind. Then you will not need to start a revolution as it will already have begun. It’s a really simple concept. You must listen, learn, create, change, care for others, be honest, and give out only love.

Happiness will follow.

Johnny Vedmore
Johnny Vedmore
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