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How to Convince Yourself to Go Exercise

by Mars A.M. 4 years ago in self help
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A Memoir of a Once-A-Couch-Potato

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I thought the only way I could work out was by going to the gym, or running. If someone said "I love running," I would most likely respond with "Good for you, I'm the queen of France." No one loves running.

Okay, I'll calm down. I know there is a whole coterie of people who love to run. But during this effort to remain cool and be that person that "didn't go running," I realized I actually loved rollerblading. My whole life I did it for fun, but the thought that I could do it for exercise and fun really made me excited. I gave it a try. One time I went with a friend who was running, and I rollerbladed as she ran. Let me just get to the end of the story and say that it did not end well. She went over a particularly rough part of the asphalt and I totally ate it. What kept me going though, was that liking for rollerblading that had been there for over a decade. It didn't dissuade me.

One day, I did get into running—for about two weeks. Then I took a break and did it again every so often. I haven't in a long time, because well, let's face it: I don't enjoy it (for the long run—hah, puns) very much. Sure, after I catch the second wind I enjoy the feel of it, but I can get that from running through an 85°C bakery. So why go on a jog that I don't particularly like to do in 100°F weather?

Let me tell you a little something about myself. Due to health reasons, I was no longer taking a medicine that had to do with my time-of-month stuff (sorry, males), and basically I needed to form a habit of exercise to help me be more balanced in my daily emotions. Hormones are no joke! But one thing I’ve found that helps me significantly is this "exercising frequently" thing every week, almost every day if I can. Making time for this helps me make time for myself and my health.

Of course, maybe for others mere exercise is not enough, and that is 110 percent okay. Please, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to an individual that will listen to you about this, such as a trained professional. I am only talking about what has helped me and the significant, positive change my life has had in stress release, relief, and even in regards to eating healthier. I feel better, and feeling better is important for my whole being.

So overtime, I now have a list of things I like and don’t like, in regards to exercise. I’ll list some of them below:

M likes:

  • Cycling
  • Barre
  • Yoga (at home, mainly)
  • Cardio kickboxing

M doesn’t like/finds unappealing:

  • Running
  • Crossfit/TRX
  • Strength training
  • In-class yoga
  • Pull-ups (I’m aware this is not a type of exercise, I just don’t want to do them)

So you can tell from these lists that I am generally looking for non-extensive training required, and low-impact. Sure, cardio kickboxing might be the main, debatable thing on that list when it comes to that but when I've done it I feel like everyone in the room is acting as one, and I'm not left behind—and I feel great after. I got into cycling simply because one of my barre instructors was also a cycling instructor at a studio near my house. I checked it out and it was so cool, I just had to be a part of the cycling family. I am building up my stamina and am happy with my progress, because they track it and you feel encouraged to keep going, constantly. The support is great. That is what I need in a workout: support and encouragement.

In short, I didn’t get into running, but albeit slowly through the years I got into exercising because of running and any other activities I did not enjoy. It caused me to want to try other things, like barre, and feel like I was doing something I was achieving my goals in, as well as looking forward to showing up during the week. So if you’re stuck with trying to find your fitness niche, don’t fret—sometimes you just need to go try something new out. Many places offer free, and at least discounted classes for first-timers! Even for a first week. It might help to get input from others (like why you’re reading this article!) on what they think of certain classes they’ve taken, or what they enjoy and why. In another piece I wrote, I talk about cycling and what my experience was and is if you want to check it out on my page. For me, a huge part of fitness is figuring out what works and helps you achieve even the little yet important, rewarding goals like showing up to class, or using a one pound heavier weight that day.

So this is me, encouraging you and believing in you. Actually, let's believe in each other! Let's cheer each other on, and be exercise buddies, and remind each other to drink enough water. We can do this!

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About the author

Mars A.M.

A late 20-something, who enjoys being a wife, writing, cooking, baking, making coffee, and documenting much of what I eat.

Email: [email protected]

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