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How to choose a domain name for your personal website?

Choosing the right domain name for your personal website

By Muhiuddin AlamPublished 2 years ago 10 min read
How to choose a domain name for your personal website?
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Today we will talk about How to choose a domain name for your personal website?

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important steps when starting a personal brand website or business website. The website domain name is the first step for users to recognize the personal brand and company, and it affects the impression of the website to people.

A well-chosen website domain name for your business can increase the interest of web users and increase website traffic.

Before building your own website, have you thought about what domain name to use for your website? Are domain names really that important?

If you have a lot of business operations and a high-quality website, will people visit it regardless of its domain name? So how do we choose a personal website domain name?

Choosing the right domain name can be tough when you first start building your personal website. Fortunately, there are several criteria you can use to make sure that you find the perfect name for your site.

Keep reading to learn more about finding and choosing the right domain name for your website!

A domain name is what you’ll type in your browser’s address bar to get to your site. It should match both your name and your brand, but it can be really hard to choose.

The best way to come up with good ideas to choose a domain name is by brainstorming — and that’s exactly what we’ve done below. You don’t have to use any of these, they’re just there as starting points or jumping-off points!

Choosing a domain name there are two ways to do brainstorming: either alone or in a group. In either case, pick one thing at a time from each category (one emotion, one color, etc.) and write down as many ideas about that thing as you can think of.

You might want to start off writing the best domain names list on paper and then move on to typing them into an online tool like Google Docs so you can collaborate with others if needed.

If someone else comes up with domain name ideas for a website that seems better than yours, feel free to swap out whatever word(s) came before it (for example- red hair = ginger hair).

Notice how I only mentioned colors without providing an explanation?.

The domain name of a website is a key part of the website, and sometimes it can even determine the success or failure of a website, so choosing a suitable domain name is particularly important.

So why is the domain name of a website so important?

A website domain name is the “first impression” of a website. A link to a website is the first thing a website visitor pays attention to. A good domain name makes a good impression, and people remember your site more easily; an inappropriate domain name can sometimes just be the one that repels web users.

The domain name of the website affects the SEO of the website. If a website’s domain name contains a certain keyword, it will help to optimize the ranking of the website.

Your website domain name defines your brand. The domain name of your website is your brand, and a good website domain name can improve brand recognition.

The above three aspects are just a few of the significance of the website domain name. Next, we will share with you How to choose a domain name for your personal brand website or business website?.

How to choose a domain name for your personal website?

When building a blog, choosing a website domain name is especially important, after all, we don’t want to make mistakes in website domain names. Therefore, in order to facilitate everyone to choose a domain name suitable for their own website, there are 14 suggestions for your reference.

1. Use .com/.org/.net as the website domain name suffix

There are many new website domain name suffixes on the market. The website domain name suffixes have developed from .com, .net, and .org to the current subdivisions.

For example, the suffix of the pizza website is .pizza, and the suffix of the photography website is. photography and even the suffix of some blog sites have become .blog.

However, it is recommended that you choose .com as your website domain name suffix from beginning to end. If .com is already occupied, you can also use .net and .org as website domain name suffixes.

Although the new website extension looks very tempting, it has to be said that .com is still the most used and most trusted website domain name extension.

Domain extensions like .ninja and .photography and .club are not trustworthy.

Website domains that end in .com are also the least likely to be forgotten. Many web users, especially those who don’t know enough about website technology, will subconsciously use .com as the domain name ending when entering a website name.

If your website domain name is, but web users use when entering the domain name, they will only see as an error page.

In order to reduce this risk, we’d better use .com as the suffix of the website domain name.

It’s also worth mentioning that the .com button pops up automatically on the keyboard of most smartphones.

2. Add industry-specific keywords to the website domain name

Industry-specific keywords play an important role in website domain names. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the use of keywords in the domain name when setting up a domain name for the website.

Adding keywords to your website domain name is equivalent to directly telling search engines the domain and purpose of your website. If the content on your website is of high quality and the user experience is good, a website domain name with keywords can also help your website rank in search engines.

But at the same time, we must also pay attention not to stack multiple keywords together, otherwise, it will increase the competitiveness of peer websites.

But it is very difficult to find a website domain name that contains keywords but is not taken by others.

Therefore, we have to give full play to our imagination and creatively combine keywords and other words to name our website domain name.

If you understand these, you still don’t know how to choose a personal website domain name. I suggest that you can put the industry keywords at the front of the website domain name, and then add another non-keyword at the back. This is very beneficial to the SEO of the website.

Here are a few examples. Some websites focus on making money and online earning, so the word dollar will be added in front of these websites, such as DollarSprout — Maximize your earning potential; some websites focus on WordPress website building (abbreviated as WP), so there The website domain name is WPBeginner — Beginner’s Guide for WordPress.

3. Keep your website domain name short

Although it is more important to embed keywords in the website domain name, we cannot ignore the length of the website domain name. Domain names are best kept short and easy to remember.

We recommend that you keep your domain name within 12 characters when naming your website. The longer the domain name of the website, the harder it is for users to remember.

In addition, the longer the domain name is, the easier it is for users to make mistakes when entering the domain name in the address bar, which will directly lead to traffic loss. Therefore, it is necessary for us to shorten the website domain name.

Having said that, it is worth mentioning shortened links. We can make money with short links.

4. Domain names are easy to pronounce and spell

You can think about the most popular website in the world, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Is it Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Yahoo?

What these website domain names have in common is that they are very easy to spell. Generally speaking, users who visit a website can easily enter the website domain name directly in the browser’s address bar. If you also need to explain your website domain name to others, it’s too complicated.

Moreover, you are more reluctant to see that users who visit the website enter the wrong website domain name and log in to other websites.

Also, a website’s domain name should be easy to share, whether in everyday conversation or in everyday writing. Because you don’t know when someone will ask you for a website’s domain name.

Especially when planning to use a website domain name to create a commercial mailbox, you should pay more attention to the spelling of the website domain name.

This method is also very simple to do. You can write your favorite website domain name on paper and invite 10 people to write and spell it. If several people have difficulties in writing and spelling, you may wish to make your website domain name more concise.

5. Pay attention to the uniqueness and identification of the website domain name

The domain name of the website must be unique, and it needs to be unique so that the website can stand out in the minds of readers. Researching other websites in the same field and finding out the commonalities of these website domain names will help us to choose a good website domain name.

After all, we don’t want to use an already existing brand name and be found by search engines as plagiarism.

Generally speaking, a website domain name with a high degree of identification is very unique, while a very common website domain name is usually a pile of keywords, which is easy for users to forget.

What we have to do is choose a personal website domain name with branded attributes. The website domain name must be catchy, unique, and unforgettable. For example, Spend less. Smile more. is more branded; the difference between New Health Insurance and seems to be less obvious.

Like the above two websites with the keyword insurance (insurance), it is not only difficult to distinguish, but more importantly, it increases the competitiveness, and it is particularly easy to be confused.

Therefore, in order to let your website domain name highlight its characteristics and irreplaceability, we recommend that you take the following strategies when acquiring a website domain name:

Create new words. Users themselves can create catchy new words themselves, as Google, Bing, and Yahoo do.

Use existing vocabulary. We can use this call to find words that fit our business but have particularly interesting words.

Utilize a website domain name generator. These tools can help users create very unique and recognizable website domain names.

The logo and logo of the website must also be unique. However, many people do not have professional skills in image design. For this reason, we compiled several fool-style drawing tools for your reference.

6. Avoid using hyphens and numbers in your website domain name

Never use a website domain name with hyphens. Be aware that hyphens are a sign of spammy domain names.

And website domains that use hyphenated links are prone to misspellings. If you choose a personal website domain name that is already occupied and switch to a website domain name with hyphens, when other users enter the keywords that exist in the website domain name in the search engine, they will often be directed to the competitor’s website.

7. Do not have the same letters connected to each other in the website domain name

It is wise to avoid using the same letter of the necklace to avoid typos that can lead to missed traffic. Domain names like can easily lead to user typos that can lead to lost traffic.

In addition, not using the same letters connected in a website domain name can make the website easier to type and also enhance the brand value of the website.

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