How To Change Your World

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The inspiring YouTube content of Tammy Hembrow

How To Change Your World
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Sitting in the tiny bathroom of a coffee shop, I was in shock. I had just read the one word which would change my life forever. I felt numb. I was pregnant. There was a life inside me.

As I hugged my partner minutes later in the middle of a busy cobbled London street, I felt the fear rushing through me. Was I ready to embark upon one of life's greatest challenges?

As the days rolled on, I became aware of the bond I already had with the tiny ray of light inside me. I was terrified my life would be over, my dreams would be stopped forever and I would have no room to focus on myself ever. But the love I felt for my tiny creation was stronger than my fear.

And a year later, as the craziness of the newborn days began to subside, I realised something. My life had been injected with more passion, motivation and direction than I had ever thought possible. A baby hadn't ended my life, they had jump-started my life into a focused and productive journey.

It became essential to surround myself with people who agreed with my new outlook, people who understood motherhood and who had huge dreams to succeed. I stopped watching depressing programmes, and chose only inspiring content.

As Wilferd Peterson says,

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it...”

I switched any negative TV programmes for inspiring YouTube videos. And Tammy Hembrow quickly became my favourite YouTuber. She succeeds in creating intimate moments between her and the millions of people watching. No matter how famous she gets, her videos remain down-to-earth with an effortlessly feel good vibe.

We are all seeking contentment. Most of us want quiet confidence, the peaceful everyday and a successful career. Tammy achieves all of this in a humble way and is happy to broadcast her reality to millions.

In one vlog, we watch her big blue eyes stare at the camera as she slowly explains if we hear little baby noises it's because she is currently breastfeeding. We join her as she goes out for coffee with her boyfriend, toddler and newborn. It shouldn't make for such amazing viewing, but it really does. Her ease on camera and willingness to show us her life, is what makes her vlogs truly mesmerizing.

And as I delved into the scary world of parenting, Tammy Hembrow's video content was right there alongside me, reminding me daily to stay focused on my dreams. She taught me I could have it all. As Eleanor Roosevelt said,

"Life is what you make of it."

Motherhood gave a new meaning to the world, beyond a life solely focused on me. The world felt clearer. I had a sense of purpose. I had a baby to look after and a family to be a part of. I felt like a new person.

The world was no longer a huge vacuum of uncertainty. I had no time to procrastinate my dreams away or get stuck on working out what the point of life was. I was marching forwards as a person, due to the challenges and rewards of motherhood. I had a clear role in the world.

Tammy Hembrow's YouTube content reassured me to keep following my life's ambitions. We see her focus on her children - laugh, play and cook for them everyday - all while developing a fitness clothing line named after her daughter, Saski with an "estimated net worth of around 63 million dollars."

She wears skimpy bikinis whenever she feels like it, parties as often as she can, looks amazing and keeps her life light and fun.

It's easy to say she has an amazing body, is lucky with her looks, wears the most revealing outfits and has loads of designer clothes, so why wouldn't she be happy? But, the only person that made her reality so amazing is herself. She is the epitome of living life to the fullest and realising that the possibilities on this planet are endless.

And she hasn't always been this happy. We all have reasons to be negative and Tammy is not immune to this. She has had many opportunities to dwell on darker moments. For example, the emergency cesarean of her first birth, the struggle of her second pregnancy (due to carrying excess fluid), splitting up with the father of her children and experiencing drama surrounding her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

It doesn't stop there. Before YouTube, she worked in telemarketing. She mentioned on a recent Instagram post she used to cry after every shift. She explains, "then I fell in love with meditation, yoga, fitness and started obsessively reading every success/entrepreneurship book I could get my hands on. Fast forward to now, two successful businesses, two beautiful babies, & some craazy BIG plans for the future."

Tammy Hembrow transformed her life. And we can too. Her chilled and light-hearted attitude remind us to focus on the good in this world. She makes a habit of dancing everyday with her children and actively avoiding negative people and situations.

Her videos are addictive because of the way she carries herself. Her actions everyday make her YouTube channel the best there is. She broadcasts her true self and gives us an insight into her real life.

She is an inspiration to mothers, young girls, entrepreneurs and fashion lovers alike. She is a reminder that we can all take control of our lives, and transform our futures through the power and community of YouTube. But, we must first start from within. We must find the great potential we all have inside ourselves and seize the opportunities life throws our way with determination, bravery and enthusiasm.

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