How To Become Disciplined

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How To Become Disciplined

If you struggle to do what you ought to do, this post is for you. Don't even think about stopping, and keep reading because what's coming next could change the perspective of your life.

Before continuing, I'm going to assume you are an intelligent little bunny. Actually, I'd bet you are beyond intelligent and find yourself in the cusp of brilliance. Having it measured not by the things you do, but by those things that you don't do. You must be one of those people who get things done pretty much by mystic arts, magic or the hidden ability to manifest out of nowhere exactly what you need when you need it, and at the huge surprise of everyone watching. However, I dare to add, you may find right in the back of your mind, that you harbour a sense of envy towards people capable of getting things done consistently and on a regular basis that grows like ivy around your heart, suffocating your pride, self-esteem, and confidence every time someone calls you lazy, irresponsible or worse, good for nothing.

If that wasn't bad enough, the real problem starts when you begin to say those same evil things to yourself. Meaning that you have believed other's opinions of you. And although you are positive and a hundred percent certain that none of that is true, there's very little evidence to prove it. And it hurts. And I'm so sorry it does.

Now, let me share with you a perspective that might shed some light in such darkness and thus, begin the healing process with the steps to realize your true potential.

Step One: Trust

Trust that you already possess the ability to be systematic and disciplined about everything in your life. The issue here is what kind of system are you following.

Let's consider the possibility that at this point in your life, rather unconsciously, you might be going against the flow of everything that is, pretty systematically. Which takes a lot of discipline and sheer determination. It is true, and you know it. Because you do what you do, (which could be doing nothing at all), even when you don't feel like doing it, but somehow you know doing that is exactly what you should be doing at this point in time. And you wear your beautiful and authentic identity like copyright, making it almost unlawful to try to make you be something different than what you already are. - Look at you. You run on auto-pilot, and breaking free from that course of action (or none-action) could take a lot more than what you have to give. Or so you think.

Step Two: ACCEPT

Accept you are so much more than what you are right now. What you are is good, beautiful and sexy but it is also quite limiting, pessimistic and dark. Which is not bad, just a little mad.

Accept full responsibility for your body and your mind and make all your dreams come true.

Accept you are in control and not your mind, nor your conditionings, nor your past, nor your siblings, parents or friends.

Behind the wheel, on the driver's seat is where you are and you follow your own map. Make of your journey the adventure of a lifetime. Like Buddha said, a journey of a lifetime starts with one single step.

And finally...

Step Three: You Are Not Your Mind

Start with the easiest and smallest of changes. Don't change your routine. Instead, add something tiny to it so it doesn't disturb the current structure of your ego. Discipline is been like the sun, who never misses a sunrise or a sunset. Discipline is doing the things you know are beneficial to you and to your journey. Discipline is who you are but somehow your mind rejects the idea and/or finds it obsolete and boring. And that is ok. – Like Whitney Huston said: It's Not Right But It's Ok.

In the beginning, you cannot go against your mind. In the beginning, you and your mind are one. But you are not one, you are more than that. You are three in one. You are a body that feels, a mind that thinks, and a higher consciousness that knows.

Your higher consciousness allows your mind to think it is in control but in reality, it is not. And since nobody has taught it otherwise, there's nothing to challenge your mind, but yourself. However, you might have been brought up to not consider important your thoughts or ideas but the thoughts and ideas of others. And that is a big problem, especially when it comes to standing up for yourself. At this point, you know there's a part of you that knows better about what's best for you than anybody else. Up to know, being the way you've been has been the best way to be yourself. But since you are reading this post, you must be ready to change, challenge yourself and move on. Well Done!


Your challenge should you choose to accept it is, to take 3 long deep breaths in 6 when you wake up for 40 days. That is, Inhale in 6, hold for 6, exhale in 6, hold for 6, repeat.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. - This may look and sound way too simple and even stupid, but it is as powerful as moving a mountain. We are simply starting with the tiniest of rocks. As you get stronger, wiser and more humble you'll be shifting shapes and forms before your very own eyes and the eyes of non-believers who keep saying you can't do anything right.

Note that your mind might think that you can do a lot more right now and that 3 long breaths are nothing and could never change your life. – But listen, I'm telling you, don't let your monkey mind trick you. That is why we are starting with the simplest and easiest. If you can complete this challenge, you will become your highest vision and version of yourself. It all starts with one simple step. And I'll be with you every step of the way.

The Catch

If you miss one day, either because you forgot, was drunk, depressed or having a fuck, you start from the beginning all over again. Mark the day you start on your calendar and be aware of the day you finish your challenge. There are no exceptions. You miss one day, you start from zero all over again. Capish?

This exercise is only the beginning and I know, you know, we know you can do it. So do it. Become the master of your fate.

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Much LoveAlways x 333

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