How to Be a PolyInnovator

"Innovation Polymath"

How to Be a PolyInnovator
Polymath of Innovation

Now this is more of a mix of me telling you how to become one, and me telling myself as well. Meaning I am still not there, this is an outline of sorts, a rough draft, a business plan, or some sort of synergy in between.

I come from the idea that you are never truly finished, with anything. As a human being bound by time we are lustful for completion. However our time is limited, some more than others. What we do with that time is extremely important. It is my hope that with this idea in mind I can inspire you to go out of that shell in your mind. Reach for a grander goal, or career.

For me there is no other choice, I HAVE to become a polymath. I can feel it in my blood. It has always been a part of me, and my north star. Though I feel for others, as they sometimes tell me well I don't know what I want to do with my life. That is fine, as Gary Vaynerchuk says experiment for a few years in your 20's/30's. Find out what you like, but don't stop especially if you are lost.

There is a thought that some people aren't special enough to be a jack of all trades, generalist, or polymath. That simply isn't true, as most people are multipotentialites by default. Meaning they have a lot of interests, and potential in those areas of interest.

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Why do we want to become one?

We must understand the internal conflict many people have with society's norms. The masses have decided that specialization, originating way back in the medieval times, but especially more so in the industrial revolution that we are needing to specialize.

The challenge that some people in the population faces when trying to decide what specialty they should have is a lot of wasted time.

Let me explain because not everyone reading this will be a jack of all trades by heart, but everyone can benefit from this article.

We have the potential to become great in many areas inherently in our lives. The chance to do so comes and goes, but the mindset of that you can accomplish all that you set out to achieve is often missing.

How can we pursue this?

Simply put "do a lot of things," for it really is that simple. When you want to be a person who has mastery over many areas, such as a polymath, then you need to do many things in those areas. Gain the skills over time. There is no rushing a job, let alone a lifestyle such as this.

The true underlying potential of being a modern polymath is monumentally unprecedented. You can think of Elon Musk, Steve Martin, Polymath Wallace, or me even, but you can't say we are fully there yet.

Really the idea of a polymath generally comes in the form of a legacy, so let us hope that we can change that by accomplishing many great things in our lives.

What does it mean to be an innovation polymath?

The difference between being a Polymath, and an "innovation polymath" is really the areas chosen. The prior has a lot more vastness to it that often prevents it from coming to fruition. That is a cynical viewpoint I know, but bear in mind this is coming from a person who literally believes anyone can become one. Just what kind, and how good they are is inherent to them. I would even say to their genes too.

I come from a family of high IQ and EQ genetically, however there is no physical attributes whatsoever. Meaning I was always scrawny growing up. Since that is something I felt needed to be improved I have gone out of my way to change my circumstance, and although I am sure I am not there yet. I have made tremendous strides.

I bring up this story mainly because of how it correlates to the Polymath Mindset.

Honestly the true meaning of a Polymath to me is the ability to grow one's own mind. My life philosophy is having a balance in what I call the "Four Pillars": The mind, body, spirit, and emotions pillars. Balancing all of those aspects of your existence allows you to focus on your goals after, and without doing so you will never escape the hamster wheel of life (or the Rat Race if that analogy works better).

PolyInnovator Definition

Made In Canva

I created this image with boundless excitement, for the idea of being able to convey this message through a blog is phenomenal. However the prospect of giving it a true definition, and one akin to those found in a dictionary is a far greater presentation.

I want this to be so clear because it can be perceived as a far-out idea. However one of the main points I try to convey to you through these posts is that it truly is within arms reach.

This video was a means to explain the mindset behind the multipontentialite and polymath mentalities.

A Platform for PolyInnovators

As this idea grows it is going to need a home. It just so happens that last year I had pursue the platform first. I tried to create a home for the people that didn't quite know about it yet.

This of course lead me no where.

However I still feel with a strong confidence that the platform is needed to progress the overall global humanity as a species. We need a leader in the realms of innovation and change. #makeachange

In this light I created the "United Living Construct", as platform of sorts online. A means to bring like-minded people together in the efforts of PHILOSOPHY | SELF-DEVELOPMENT | WORLD UNITY

All three come together flawlessly. This platform is something I still work on from time to time after PolyInnovator, and I aim to create it as a PaaS (Platform as a Service). To allow it to grow in the capitalistic society we have. Eventually it shall be a physical structure for leading global change.

This particular podcast was selected due to the connection to the "World Unity" aspect part of the United Living Construct.

This allows for a unique perspective, as the time I created this podcast was before the PolyInnovator brand came to be.

I hope the philosophy and ideas, in this audio, and in all of this article have resonated with you in some way.

I took time to write each post individually, with unique factors in both. As the two platforms have a slightly different style of writing, so I took that into account in my own creations here.

I highly recommend reading both.

Cheers! -Dustin, PolyInnovator

Dustin Miller PolyInnovator
Dustin Miller PolyInnovator
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