How to Attract More Money

by Laura Doan 4 months ago in advice

It's actually easy!

How to Attract More Money

A majority of you have probably heard of or saw the movie The Law of Attraction. I know for a fact that a lot of people are thinking, "Oh no, not this again," or "Why doesn't it work for others but not for me?" Today my goal is to make that crystal clear for you.

In my opinion, based on the interactions I've had with people in my life from school or work, the #1 reason how you are preventing yourself from attracting more money is not believing that it could happen, and that deep down you don't believe you deserve it.

We all have our beliefs about money, and a majority of the people believe we have to work hard for money. The reality is that we don't. The people that believe you have to work hard for your money are the ones who work over 40 hours a week, probably have 2 or 3 jobs at one time, and never get to enjoy anything because they're at work.

You create your own reality. The first step to that is to rewrite your programming. Rewrite your life. Yes, whatever is meant to happen will happen, but you have control of what you want in life, including money. You are what you believe.

Here is a list of ways I use that helps me attract more money:

1) Don't be afraid to spend your money!

I'm not saying blow all of your money. I'm saying that if you want something, buy it. Don't weigh the pros and cons of getting it because then your energy goes into a state of lack and you start to feel that you "need" that money. You can feel when someone really needs something, it puts out a negative vibe/energy and prevents them from getting it even further. The best example is a salesman "needing" this sale. You want to buy from a salesman who is confident and not afraid or doesn't care if they lose that sale because they know that another opportunity will come along.

2) Make fake money or print a fake check with the amount you want

I make fake money with paper and a highlighter, writing $100 on it. I put that in my wallet, bringing it everywhere I go. It doesn't have to be fancy. When I see it in my wallet, even if it's not real, it makes me feel secure and that I have more money. Live your life as if you already have that money.

3) Rewrite your beliefs

You should feel you deserve money, it comes to you easily, believe it can happen, and know that it's on its way. If you're reading this post and scoffing thinking, "Yeah right. Like it's that easy," that's your programming (ie: the way you were raised. The way your family/peers told you to believe about money) talking because it really is that easy! If you feel deep down you don't deserve it, the Universe will not give it to you. Whenever those negative thoughts pop up, rewrite that sentence and know you are overriding those beliefs with new beliefs.

4) Imagine yourself already having it

When you meditate or daydream about what you really want in life, you're able to feel, smell, or taste some of the things you daydream about. Like imagining yourself at the beach. You know what the sand feels like and the water, the sun beaming on you. You're doing the same thing with money. Imagine what you would do with the money, imagine that money is coming to you easily, and how you would feel if you received that money. Then continue to live your life as if it already happened or is happening to you.

5) Trust the Universe

Once you tell the Universe what you want in life, either by thinking it or saying it, let it go. The more you constantly tell the Universe you want X amount of money, it brings your energy into a state of lack and you release that energy of "I need it."

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Laura Doan
Laura Doan
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