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How To Amplify Your Light For More Impact

“I radiate with the light that all women share. I cherish that light and acknowledge it in every woman I pass.” ― The Thoughtful Beast.

By Jimmy Stars WorldPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

There is indeed a light that burns brightly within all of us. It’s something upon which Kate McKay, High-Performance Coach, international best-selling Author, Transformational Speaker and Athlete, has based her life-mission: to “bring the joy” to everything she does, and to help others do the same.

McKay recently sat down with Rhonda Swan to share her story of how she used the struggles of her past to amplify her light, not just in her own life, but in the lives of others.

In 1987 Kate’s family experienced a tragedy that called Kate into action. She became the glue and the strength that her family needed. As she would later discover, the death of her brother brought out her inner light.

“The light in me is the light that was in Will. Knowing that he showed me the way, he was a portal - this is why I am so committed to the stories of others being heard and that helping others to own their own light is why I am here.”

Gaining clarity paves the way for the impact you are destined to have. Brendon Burchard, the world's top Performance Coach says “you honor your life by sharing your story”. Burchard’s teachings spurred McKay to turn her darkest moment into the driving force behind her message.

In total, Burchard identified 6 Performance Habits that collectively lay the foundation for sustained, long-term success:

“Seek clarity. Generate energy. Raise necessity. Increase productivity. Develop Influence. Demonstrate Courage. These are the six habits that you need to adopt if you are to achieve high performance in any situation.” ― Brendon Burchard

As a Personal Trainer and Athlete, McKay has derived immense power from devoting herself to her physical fitness regime. By meticulously taking care of herself, she has provided grounded structure from which to free her mind and allow her body to release trapped emotions from the challenges of her past.

“When I get to the gym and work out, I come in, knowing that this gives me a sense of clarity. I know that I am where I'm supposed to be. For me, I love doing weights because it makes me feel strong and this keeps me going even when I'm at my limit! It takes strength to muster up the courage to live your authentic self.⁣”

More than just movement, McKay’s approach has afforded her the clarity of purpose, along with an ability to generate the energy required, to bring her A-game to all facets of her life. Without these, the amplification of her inner-light would have remained a near to impossible task.

Further to Burchard’s Performance Habits, the notion of ‘bringing the joy’ is a standout theme of McKay’s life philosophy. While it sounds simple enough, as Kate points out, there are ways that we can consciously increase the energy that we bring to any given interaction:

“One of the number one ways that we can do that is to simply bring our presence, and ask ourselves, ‘are we fully present with this other person?’ The second thing is to really honor that person. I think that is just such a powerful statement, to really ‘honor’ that person, to light them up, to help them feel that they are seen, and that they matter.”

It shows that the ability to bring more joy to our own lives and to the lives of others, really lies in being more mindful, and making it our mission to be more present in our day to day interactions with others. The ripple effect into our personal and professional relationships is one that cannot be overstated, with the potential to lock into place the final piece of the puzzle: community. Interestingly, as McKay points out, the quality of interaction yields a corresponding quality of person within one’s immediate circle:

“I have less people around me that see the light in me, and it requires discernment. Discernment is a spiritual practice. The people I do have around me, support me.”

The exact recipe with which to best amplify our inner-light, is of course unique to each of us, rooted in our own experiences as we journey through the complexities of life. One thing remains clear though: the power of our story, combined with some simple and effective strategies, has the potential to bring out the extraordinary within all of us, as we seek to live more impactful lives.

The Rhonda Swan Show is ‘The Room’ for impactful, inspiring and educational conversations and interviews from those who have dared to follow their dreams, straight into the ears, minds and hearts of those with big ambition. That’s YOU!

Best Selling Author, International Speaker and World-Renowned Online Brand Strategist, Rhonda is the Founder of Unstoppable Branding Agency and is dedicated to helping people turn their passions and dreams into a tangible and sexy reality.


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