How to 100% Fulfill Your Life

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3 easy ways!

How to 100% Fulfill Your Life
One life, live it!

I wouldn’t say I have my life together. Not in the slightest. I’m nearly in my twenties and don’t drive, I work part-time in a job that people wouldn’t call a “proper” job, and I have no clue what I want to do with my life. However, I do know I want more to my life than what already exists.

I have a boyfriend, loving family and friends, I have a job I enjoy, and I have hobbies that I love doing so much. All of that is great, and I’m thankful for it, but I’ve always felt like I wanted more. Needed more, perhaps. I found a way to make more with my life. And here’s 3 ideas on how you can too.

1. Get Creative

Everybody wants a creative outlet in which they can put all of their productive feelings into. For me, it’s writing. I love writing these articles and it gives me so much freedom knowing I can put all my productive energy into something fun. Now, I’m not saying you have to write articles, but you could write something else. Maybe just writing down your thoughts at that time, or maybe a poem or a short story. Maybe you don’t have to write at all. Instead, pick up a pencil and draw. Or pick up a pen and practice calligraphy. Or pick up a needle and thread. The ideas are endless, and eventually you’ll find something creative that you love. It doesn’t take much, just an extra ten minutes out of your day. Being creative and fuelling your productive needs may just be that one thing that makes your life more complete.

2. Get Active

Whether it’s just a short walk once a week, or if you decide to go to the gym every day, getting active is a great way to feel like your life means more. Not only is exercising good for your body, but it’s also great for your mental health. It will always feel like you’ve accomplished something, and to me that is so important. No matter what I do in my day, doing a bit of exercise makes me feel like I really do have my life together – even if I don’t! It can be fun with friends, or it can be freeing to exercise by yourself. Trying out new sports or new types of exercises can really be interesting, and it really does add something extra to your life. Try it today!

3. Get Thinking

Not only is physical exercise important when wanting more from life, exercising the brain is also super important! For me, I love reading and I also love puzzles like crosswords and word searches. All of these things help my brain stay active, and it helps me to keep educating myself. Finding something that keeps your brain active is so important, especially when we can become so conditioned with staring at screens all day, which eventually makes our brains switch off. None of that stimulates our brain at all! Some ideas include: jigsaws, board games, books, puzzle books and math puzzles.

Get creative. Get active. Get thinking. If you remember these three things, you will get more from your life. As I’ve said before, what works for me might not work for you, but I have hopefully given you some ideas on what to do! Even if you haven’t got your life together – just like me – then I have some words for you: fake it till you make it. Do these three things and fake it till you make it, you’ll really see the difference. So, go out and start fulfilling your life like you’re supposed to!

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