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How Manifesting Is Ruining Your Chances of Success

Get Your Dream Life

By Chetan TalelePublished 2 years ago 9 min read
Get Your Dream Life


It's one of those buzzwords these days, owing to a flurry of new books, infomercials, and movies proclaiming that nothing is earned or worked for, but rather that things "manifest" in one's life if they "ask" or "think" the proper things.

Do you want to buy a car? Consider it. Consider that for a moment. It's palpable. Then, *BAM*, it will "manifest" itself in your life.

Let's say you have a million dollars. It's no problem! Visualize and feel it once more, and then... *POOF*... Purchase that lotto ticket and get ready to drive to get your prize.

Doesn't that sound ridiculous? I sincerely hope so. Unfortunately, that is how personal growth is taught anymore.

I despise the words "manifest" and "manifesting," at least in the context of today's personal development jargon. Many people nowadays are being duped into believing that they can "manifest" anything by by thinking about it, rather than working for it or earning it. Unfortunately, it's not just a foolish idea; it's one that's significantly jeopardising many people's prospects at a happy and successful life.

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Many people are surprised when I say that I don't read a lot of self-help books. When I do read one, I prefer to read the old ones, the classics. Of course, Haanel ranks first, but so do Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Claude M. Bristol, and a few others.

When you read the classics, you'll see that hard effort and service are essential components of success. Yes, having a positive mindset and thinking happy ideas are vital, but getting out there and doing it is far more crucial. Any form of success, whether in company, a job, or a relationship, can only be achieved by doing and helping others.

Haanel used the word "manifest" (and its variations) 111 times in The Master Key System. Is he implying that you will manifest your needs and wants out of thin air, as modern-day dreck-slingers claim?

No, he doesn't, in a nutshell. In Week One of The Master Key System, the word "manifest" appears for the first time.

13. If we find wisdom in the world within, we will be granted the ability to identify the wonderful possibilities that exist within this world, as well as the strength to make these possibilities manifest in the world outside.

Essentially, Haanel asserts that we can manifest our dreams in the world. We all possess greater potential than we give ourselves credit for. We may believe that we are unable to accomplish something for many reasons. "Math isn't my strong suit." "I'll never get that promotion since I don't know how to do what my boss does," says the applicant. "She's a little bit too good for me." Whatever. When we conquer those shibboleths and instead strive for our goals, we become something akin to Thomas Edison, who changed the world with his innovations and discoveries despite having only a fourth-grade education. The light bulb was only one of many hundreds of ideas that sprang from his imagination.

However, there is some work required. Edison did not wait for the Universe to respond to his beck and call for a light bulb, even though he pictured, planned, and thought he could do it. No way, no how! He carried out over 12,000 (yes, 12,000!) experiments before finding the one that worked. He "manifested" what was on his mind; but, such "manifestation" was only possible as a result of his actions. It wasn't a "present" from the Universe; it was a reward for all of his hard work over the years. He'd worked hard for it.

(As a side note, the concept of the Universe delivering "gifts" is also a bit silly.) It's yet another term from the new self-help lexicon that has to be flushed out.)

"To display, show, or be evidence of something," says the dictionary definition of manifest. When you have too much of a virus in your body, it will emerge as a cold, which includes a stuffy nose, fever, and aches and pains. A person who has generally positive ideas will most usually demonstrate those thoughts by doing kind things for others, such as holding doors open for them.

Let us return to Edison. He was a shrewd individual. What evidence do we have for this? His innovations and discoveries demonstrated his logical reasoning.

Similarly, a courageous person is considered to be courageous because he performs courageous things - his courage is demonstrated via his actions.

In Week Seven, Haanel wrote this -

4. This is another well-known psychological fact, but reading about it will not help you achieve any of your goals; it will not even assist you in forming the mental image, let alone manifesting it. Work is required - hard mental labour, the kind of effort that so few people are willing to put in.

For using the term "hard work," I've been literally burned at the stake. Those verbal jabs, of course, come from the "rich without labour" bunch. But here's Haanel saying precisely what I'm saying: hard labour is required; else, don't bother!

In no uncertain terms, this is how Haanel explains "manifesting" -

You must see the picture more and more clearly, understand the intricacies, and as the details emerge, the ways and means for bringing it to life will emerge. Something will lead to something else. Thought will lead to action, action will lead to methods, methods will lead to friends, and friends will lead to circumstances, culminating in the completion of the third phase, or Materialization.

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It's worth noting that Haanel stated that "thinking leads to action." Methods will be developed in this regard. That circumstances will be brought about by friends.

Does this sound like a gift from the Universe? Does this sound like something that appears out of nowhere? Does this ring true with the nonsense peddled in recent books and movies?

People may be perplexed when they read sentences like this in The Master Key System -

27. We manifest good if our thoughts are constructive and harmonic; we manifest evil if they are destructive and discordant.

What this actually means is that we will perform nice things if we are "at heart" a good person. A nasty individual, like Charlie Manson, Osama bin Laden, or the psychotic who butchered his family while they slept, is likely to do evil things. Once again, we see ideas leading to action rather than thoughts producing a rip in the fabric of the Universe to make what you thought a reality.

Finally, to cite Haanel once more, this time from The Master Key System's "Questions & Answers" -

Labor is a form of service, and all forms of service are noble. However, a "hewer of wood" considers blind service rather than intellectual service. Labor is the physical manifestation of the creative instinct. The creative instinct no longer finds expression as a result of the changes that have occurred in the industrial world. A man cannot construct his own home, nor can he cultivate his own garden, nor can he manage his own labour force. As a result, he is denied the greatest delight that man can experience: the joy of attaining, producing, and accomplishing, and his tremendous strength is twisted and channelled into harmful channels. He can't build anything for himself, so he starts destroying the creations of his more fortunate peers. Labor, on the other hand, is discovering that the Universe is a cosmos ruled by unchanging rules, that every situation is the outcome of a cause, and that the same cause generates the same effect invariably. It is being discovered that these reasons are mental, and that thinking dictates action. It's been discovered that positive thinking leads to positive outcomes, whereas negative thinking leads to negative outcomes.

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Haanel considers labour (or labour) to be of the highest and noblest nature. As men perform less labour, he notices that their thoughts move to pulling down the work of great men. Only reading Haanel's biography reveals that he worked - and worked hard - to achieve his goals. He didn't create it out of thin air. His ideas become plans, which become deeds, which result in his success.

The objective of this article is that the self-help field has become infected with a slew of phrases that promise a lot but deliver little, the most prominent of which is "manifest" or "manifesting." I feel that a new generation of snake oil marketers created and/or distorted these words to appeal to the wealthy without working class or to exploit the hopes of those who are poor but desire more. That is their business, and it has always been healthy and growing for them. And it's never been more apparent than it is right now.

However, when these authors and "teachers" deceive people into believing that the life of their dreams is just a thought away because the Universe desires nothing more than to bestow blessings upon us, it enters a demonic realm. While the wealth-without-work crowd will fall prey to these "ideas," as they do to anything or anyone that offers something for free, those whose hopes are played and eventually broken will be the ones who suffer the most. Instead of giving the hungry guy a fishing pole or even a fish, they tell him that if he wishes hard enough, his hunger would be satisfied forever.

As a result, he starves while he could be prospering if it weren't for the incorrect information he was given.

As a result, I urge that we stop using the word "manifesting" in such a vacuous and inane way. Let's replace that with some terms that make sense - and actually work.

How about reintroducing the terms "labour" and "service"? For much too long, those two words have been forgotten. I believe that a return to "goals" would be beneficial. "Plan" should be resurrected alongside goals. There will be no more letting the Universe take care of a person nonsense. And then there's the term "earn." There's a word that you don't hear very often these days. People believe they are "entitled," and they believe they are given "gifts," but few people actually work for anything. Let's show them that they can do it!

That seems like a decent place to start. Get to know those words if you don't already know them. I guarantee that once you do, you'll be more successful than you ever thought because you'll realise that hard work produces results, whereas wishing and "manifesting" produces nothing.

Keep in mind that, while Rome was not created in a day, it was constructed rather than realised.

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