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How It Can Heal Your Life

by Heat Baup 9 months ago in happiness
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How It Can Heal Your Life

How It Can Heal Your Life
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The good news you have in your life is that your foundation is all overflowing. ”- Eckhart Tolle, New World: Renewing Your Purpose in Life

How often does a person think about what he does not have? Or will that life be better if you get something else, whether it is time, money, opportunities, relationships or material things? When money is low or low, we are often confronted with the idea of ​​wanting more. We are convinced that life is not good without that extra money or that desirable lifestyle. once we find ourselves in a complex relationship, we complain and long for someone else. We find ourselves living with the old adage “grass on the other side,” which may also require a curse. Such an external force would make it appear that the sky is falling above a certain height as we would like.

Who is innocent of this trap? in line with our consumer-driven culture, it is easy to become entangled in an almost deceptive sense of inadequacy when we take what is missing. In my life I have even experienced the scope of being outside and outside. I made tons of money, enjoyed tons of luxury fabric, and then visited the other side where I didn't even have a denarius in my name. Ironically, no matter what, I sometimes felt like I always had this. Happiness often fluctuates with the construction (or absence) of things in my life. If the test account starts to go empty, so does my attitude. If things go wrong, I may not always see what is happening.

After years of enduring this emotional yo-yo, I began to realize that the collection of external objects was not important but rather how I felt inside. In time, I developed a deep and refreshing mantra that said "thank you very much." I'm not perfect yet at this point but my new idea is to be thankful for what is in my life so that I don't be distracted by thoughts of what is not there. so the things I value most are not always important. thank you for the stability and adaptability of existence, friendship, opportunity, health, love, diversity of life around me, and all the teachings I have been taught by completely connected situations.

The importance of gratitude is not so much that it helps to satisfy what we would like to receive, but rather allows us to control our response and therefore the value we have in our lives. this may seem like a small point. We often hear people say "thank you for what you have" but what percentage of people have ever truly accepted that? I even learned that real gratitude is about acceptance. It’s about letting go of external things to make us happy and comfortable in life for what it is. it’s about life inside here and now and don’t worry about the past or the past. it is therefore a very simple but difficult practice, especially if we are taught otherwise in a public time run by the media and advertising. Whether we sleep in a small shack or in a five-room mansion, true happiness comes from appreciating our circumstances and whatever.

Thanksgiving itself has a healing center. It opens the way for negative thinking and behavior and raises feelings endlessly. It develops our strong and spiritual movements so it is a sincere practice of meditation. we would like to dedicate a long time to focusing on what we are worried about and telling us to build gratitude that is an integral part of our daily thoughts. When we stop taking a list of all the things we have found, life is very satisfying and there is nothing left for us to find. when you are ready to receive gratitude, you will receive your spirit.


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