How I Moved Out of My Hometown

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All it takes is a little patience and a lot of courage.

How I Moved Out of My Hometown

I've had a goal to move out of my hometown since I was around 16... I'm 22 now, boo. When you come from a very small town (2,000 people type small) with only one traffic light, two gas stations, have about 65 kids for an average class, and you are forced to drive 30 minutes just to get to a Walmart... yeah, you dream of leaving.

My Person

Luckily, I found "my person" who shares the same dream. But where is the dream?

All we knew is we wanted to be somewhere bigger, warm with new faces and new places to explore. With a little internet searching, we stumbled across Raleigh, North Carolina, a booming, expanding new city.

We wasted no time in planning a trip down from small town, USA to the capital of North Carolina.

downtown Raleigh

December 2016 was our first trip and we fell in love instantly. Over time, we made a few more trips while I finished getting my college degree. The love, it was nothing we could explain to people—just a feeling that came over us every time we visited. As that finish line got closer, we had a decision to make: What's next?

We spent about four months on Indeed, searching and applying to jobs. Once we got some callbacks, we rushed down to do interviews in February. I wish I could say we got jobs just like that, but we didn't. We seemed to have hit a wall. So do you just give up and settle in your hometown, what's already comfortable to you, and say, "Oh, I'll try next year," OR do you find a way?

Clearly, we already know the answer to that. We didn't want to end up being the well-known story of people saying they hate this town and want to leave so badly, but never do.

I was working as a waitress at my mom's restaurant in my hometown, while Tyler was working in a pro shop at a golf course. It was early March, so cold and miserable, when we decided to say, "Fuck it." Why should we stay here and be miserable when we can move and just do what we're doing here, but be happy? So, a handful of interviews and a few apartment tours later, we were signing papers, buying boxes. and packing our cars to move our life four states and nine hours away.

Moving comes with a side of anxiety: Finding affordable car insurance, cable and internet, buying furniture, paying bills, settling into a new job, new routine, etc. But when you're moving out of state, it's basically all anxiety. At least, that's what you'd think. I honestly was so over-the-moon excited that I didn't feel that overwhelmed... or I pretended not to be... whatever. We had to find a new bank, new vet, new doctor, new pharmacy, new car insurance, get new licenses, register our cars... the list seemed never ending. However, slow and steady, we did it all.

All it takes is a little patience and a lot of courage.

We've been in Raleigh for almost nine months now and have made our new normal routine. We take advantage of nice days to grill out, find new places to hike, and find hidden beauties for Tyler to take pictures of. We found a local coffee shop we frequent, Deja Brew, we get our usuals, and spend an hour just sitting, talking, and people watching.

Some of Tyler's Beautiful Work *so proud*

Is it all wonderful and that easy? Helllllll no. Don't think I'm trying to fool you because you run into some hard times... hard times that make you think, "Was this shit really necessary?" For instance, our apartment seems to flood every time it rains heavily, so we prepare by laying towels down in every nook and cranny before a storm. Having to flee the state because we were getting a massive hurricane, which never happens. That means missing work and worrying if you'll be able to pay rent, and so much more. Even with alllll the struggles, we have always found ourselves saying, "It could be worse... we could be in New York."

I'm still a waitress and Tyler still works at a pro shop. We have no family here, I work all major holidays, and we miss our family/friends; however, we are happy. We have each other, our doggo children, and we're happy.

Triangle Head 1 & 2

If you're thinking about moving out of your hometown because you hate it, it's too small, it's too cold, or just want a breath of fresh air... just do it. People have said, "What if you don't like it?" Then we pack up and try somewhere new. Raleigh sounded like exactly what we needed on paper, and so far, it hasn't let us down. The one thing we're not gonna do is pack up and move back home.

LOL nah, y'all.

Rossana Candela
Rossana Candela
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