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How I Got Over The Fear Of Writing Online

5 Lessons I learned from Austin Kleon.

By Ionutz KazakuPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - August 2022
Show Your Work Book Cover - Austin Kleon

Are you afraid of showing your work?

If you are, that’s good, it means you’re human. I was very afraid as well. I was, and somewhat am, a very insecure person. I didn’t have the courage of posting any creation online, because people would judge me. One of the reasons for starting to write online was to get over this fear, and become confident.

I would have never started writing online if I hadn’t read Austin’s book.

Here are my favourite lessons —

#1: You Don’t Have To Be A Genius

I was the worst in class at writing.

I sucked at it. Essays, texts or formulating my thoughts in a written form was a big struggle for me. However, that drove me to become better at it. My first article was terrible. It doesn’t matter. No one is a genius at the start of the journey.

Your first goal is to write anything.

You just have to keep writing consistently and soon, you will become better.

#2: Teach What You Know

That’s the easiest and most efficient tactic.

Writing about what you know will grant you an instant boost in your writing career. When you teach someone what you do/know you will —

  • Practice, research and learn more about your topic in the process.
  • People will reach out with recommendations and thoughts which will help you.
  • People will trust you because you provide knowledge, for free.

The impulse to keep to yourself what you have learned is not only shameful, it is destructive. Anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you. You open your safe and find ashes. -Annie Dillard

#3: Don’t Turn Into Human Spam

Be part of the community.

At the start, you should be providing as much as you can. If you get a comment on your article, respond. Be a good citizen and support others as well by engaging with their articles. Always give credit to others if somehow they helped you.

If you want to get, you have to give. If you want to be noticed, you have to notice. Shut up and listen once in a while. Be thoughtful. Be considerate. Be an open node. -Blake Butler

By being good you will get noticed and appreciated.

#4: Sell Out

Don’t be ashamed to sell.

After having a call with Har Narayan , I realised I should be earning something from my writing. That’s when I created a Notion template that helped me optimize my reading list. It was a struggle that I was constantly having and I thought others did too.

I wrote an article about it, here.

People have to option to get it for free or purchase it for any amount. Here it is.

What matters is that you provide value through your products/services.

#5: Stick around

The most important insight.

I’ve been writing for 12 weeks. It took me 10 weeks to gain 1200 views. In the last 2 weeks, I reached 9000 views. Consistency is key. With practice, you will start getting better. You will learn more about writing and how to write quality articles.

I’m not the first one to say this but, you just have to keep going.

Don’t give up ❤

I really hope you will start writing or express your creativity in other forms after reading this book.

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Thanks for reading :)

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  • Dapo2 years ago

    I am with you on this! I still don't think I am much of a writer, but I can put some logic into words. That was my initial thoughts, I figured constancy will polish my writing skill, something i am looking forward to.

  • Matthew Angelo2 years ago

    Great process and insights. Putting my work out there was challenging and scary as an author but after that first publication, I found I could take on the world. Well, it's still a bit scary, but I use that to drive myself to keep going.

  • Javed Baloch2 years ago

    happy writing bro, loved your insights.

  • Thanks for sharing 😊 It was a great read. All the best and happy writing.

  • The Dani Writer2 years ago

    An excellent piece of writing on writing! Your information was so well presented, it was effortless to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations on a well-deserved top story!

  • Frank Lomax2 years ago

    Some good advice. A writer has also to learn some basic selling skills to nurture a career.

  • Shadow James2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing those tips. I am really going to push myself harder to follow your directions.

  • El Poet2 years ago

    Great tips!

  • This comment has been deleted

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