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How Do You Embrace Life With Energy And Optimism

On the days when you don't want to get out of bed?

By Judith IsidorePublished 10 months ago 4 min read
How Do You Embrace Life With Energy And Optimism
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The morning comes to usher in a new day, and pushes us to be optimistic and leave our family and start our usual activities no matter what. We do the activities that we think are important and necessary to make our lives better, and then we go back to sleep, and a new morning comes and the ball starts again.

Right here, the following question seems legitimate: What makes us accept life with activity and optimism?

"On this earth there is what deserves life."

This is what some great poets say, to confirm that despite all the difficulties; There must be enough reason to live and continue with it, and there must be a reason that really motivates us to continue our various activities, and to hold on to all the details of our lives, so here are the most important reasons that may make us accept life actively and optimistically:


Love drives us to feel the value of life, so we accept it with all our energies and fulfil our responsibilities with happiness. The most beautiful thing in life is to love and be loved. When we get love, life becomes meaning and value, and we become more comfortable and stronger. Love is “the most effective kind of magic,” says Stendhal. This makes love the way that opens closed doors and windows, and gives us meaning.

if; When we unite with someone in life with common feelings, and what is meant here is not only love between the sexes, but all kinds of love and affection, such as the love of family, friends and lover, all of which lead us to feel enormous energies that grow within us and give us the ability to face the greatest and most complex difficulties.

Desire to face death:

A person is afraid of feeling helpless, of illness, and of losing his ability, so he rushes towards life with all his energies in an attempt to face death, despite his certain knowledge that he will not be able to stop death, but he believes that his perseverance in life and his acceptance of it makes death far from him, This is the characteristic of positive people who see that their lives are an extension of the predecessors, and that they are an extension of those who come after them, and therefore they must face death with life, and not lose the trick and continue trying, so that they do not die, and this does not mean not dying in the literal sense, but rather not dying through extension, that is, from Through their children and grandchildren, and through what they accomplish during their lives.

Facing emptiness and boredom with optimism:

One of the teenagers says: his feeling of boredom and emptiness pushes him every day to leave his bed, in an attempt to kill this boredom, so he accepts life with great activity, plays games and sports, goes to school and visits friends to give his life meaning.

if; Many young people today are afraid of falling into the captivity of boredom, this deadly feeling that affects us gradually, which makes them strive to ease its burden by creating meaning, and this is only done if a person decides to get out of his bed and do all possible actions to prove the aesthetics of life, and therefore you see them get to know each other. They build friendships, get things done, succeed and excel.

Avoid family pressure:

When we are young and it is time for us to go to school, we get out of our beds with difficulty, because our family will not allow us to stay asleep, and in order not to suffer from their inconvenience to us, we rise with all our strength to go on with our daily lives, and to prove to them and ourselves that we are strong and able to face life with happiness and optimism.

In fact, this pressure can lead to great successes and unexpected happiness, and sometimes it can lead to great failure if the pressure is increased and it is too harsh.

Finally; We must emphasise that all of the above may not be comprehensive of what motivates us to continue in our lives, despite that, the previous five reasons may be the most comprehensive, yet we have the right to think of other reasons, and it may be important to try to understand ourselves and determine what It really motivates us to continue, and whatever these reasons are, we must know that life is worth continuing, we exist in it like it or not, and our days will pass with its beauty and misery, and therefore it may be better to find a meaning for it and follow from the point where that meaning shines in our hearts as a light that pushes us Every day to follow, and gives us the ability to obtain moments of happiness, no matter how temporary, that happiness that we may derive from the joy of those around us, and from the laughter of children, the love of friends and the successes we achieve in our lives.


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