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The biggest lie


I have indulged myself into a lot of hesitation recently, to the point that it has become a habit of avoidance. And you all know too well what it would lead one to, a rabbit hole of excuses. An adequate amount of rest is essential for one’s survival, however, an excessive amount of rest would turn into a drug that prevent you from moving forward. I know that this year has been excruciatingly difficult for the type of growth that we are all accustomed to, but despite all the fuss around feeling limited and trapped, it could also be viewed as a year of inner growth.

Personally, I feel the most out of place when I’m by myself, because I’m the type of person that cannot control one’s own thoughts to spiral. I don’t know how many of you are nodding or shaking your heads right now in front of your screens, but it is important to find a balance amongst the chaos inside and outside our minds. Thoughts lead to actions, and actions lead to influences. If we find ourselves trapped by our thoughts, it means its time to act. No matter how difficult it is to choose one option out of your countless thoughts, its never healthy to feel stuck all the time.

Failure is part of the human experience, and its also a vehicle for motivation to change and shift our gears toward a better outcome. At the same time, perfection does not exist, therefore there is no need to predetermine what the best outcome could be for the goal that you are working towards. Because that would also prevent you from taking any risks, which essentially lead to hesitation and withdrawal from something that could possibly succeed.

I know all of this could sound cliched or naive, but the silver-lining is that sometimes simplicity is the best cure to the tasks at hand. Focus on the little step you could take in front you, and gradually this would lead you to something grand. Cherish every chance that you are being given, and be brave when its time to let go and switch routes. Its never easy to realize what’s really at stake when you are in the middle of a situation, however, it is important to remind ourselves that life is meant to be filled with ups and downs.

Every time you stop and reflect on your past mistakes, you would also find that you have grown a little from the last time you have found something that struck a chord with you. It is not a great feeling, but it is the reality that we all live in. We cannot always live in the past and not cast our eyes on the future ahead of us. The takeaway is that we could always choose to try again instead of giving up due to pressure from the people around us or our inner critics. Be mindful of the breaks that you need to take , as well as the hardships that you just need to push through. It is always better to start with nothing , rather than have nothing to start with.

Even when we are in the middle of a global pandemic, we could still set goals that move our lives forward, little ones would do just the same trick for internal growth. I know that for a fact, because I have stayed at home for the longest time in my life, and yet I have done a lot and learned a lot about myself. I have become a fuller version of myself, and I have gotten to know my family better and on a deeper level. Hesitation is the biggest lie to prevent you from growing.

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