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Hello tomorrow

by Lucio 5 days ago in how to
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Hello tomorrow
Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

Early in the morning, open a window, the warm sunshine and the spring breeze rush forward. The fresh air, the fragrance of flowers and plants, the affection of mountains, the smile of water, and the noise of spring. It's the Spring Festival again. One year old, one year old, one year old and one year old.

Life is in a hurry between heaven and earth. Summer insects cannot speak of ice. Thousands of rivers have water, thousands of rivers have moon, and thousands of miles have no clouds. The sugar given by others is astringent after a while; When wronged, he leaned on his shoulder and left after tears. And when one day, we find that the dishes we fry are the most fragrant, the fruits we plant are the sweetest, and we wipe away our tears, that's growth. Only when we climb over the mountains can we reach the sky, then you will clearly know that happiness needs to be managed by ourselves, and the life we want can only be given to ourselves. Then we might as well say to ourselves tomorrow, "tomorrow, hello."

"The gentleman's mountain is fixed, and the villain has no dispute." It is better to defeat yourself once than to defeat the enemy 10000 times. We may not find a flower in the whole spring, or we may find the whole spring on a flower. There is never a real desperate situation in life, but only those who are desperate for the situation. What others have, don't envy; As long as you work hard, time will give you. Trees release all their fallen leaves in autumn, but as long as the spring comes, they will still be luxuriant. So, as long as life is still in our hands, there is no real despair in life. What is the success or failure of that moment for our life? But if the heart is tired, we might as well have a rest. After all, the repair of the soul is the desire that our life will never dry up. However, we have to raise our hopes and whisper to ourselves from the bottom of our heart, "Hello tomorrow."

The happiness of one's life is half to fight for and half to follow. This struggle is not with others, but with hardship; To follow is not to follow the tide, but to know the end and then be safe. All arrangements are the best arrangements. After all, the taste of life is always sweet in bitterness and bitter in sweetness. Maybe that time was a huge tree crisscrossed, and life was just a bird flying in and out of it. And if that day, you encounter the cold wind and rain of life, and your heart has been unbearable, then please wait a little. You should also know clearly that this giant tree is also actively creating a spring weather for you in the leeward of life, and has begun to approach you gradually and close to you. Well, as long as you work hard, it's a blessing in disguise.

Well, in that case, no matter how terrible the reality is, we should also persevere in believing that it is just a brief darkness before dawn. Then, we should not be afraid that the current difficulties cannot be overcome, nor should we worry that our efforts at the moment will not be rewarded. Because the sunflower can't see the sun, it will still open, and life can't see hope. We still have to learn to stick to it.

"Flowers still fall without rain, and catkins fly without wind." Yesterday is more and more, tomorrow is less and less, so we might as well give time a shallow look back and a touch of peace and warmth to the soul. Laugh at the changes of the wind and cloud, and take a dim view of the world; Gain and loss are safe, and neither flatter nor disgrace; Go with the flow, be quiet and go far; In deep water and fire, eulogize fate and dance life at the cusp of the wind and waves. After all, there must be a road in front of the mountain, and the ship will be straight at the end of the bridge. Life goes on and faith goes on. My heart is strong. How can the years be bad?

So, no matter how many hardships we have suffered and experienced, as long as we still have a seed of faith in our hearts, one day, she will be able to help us out of our difficulties and make our lives bloom and bear fruit again. But if we want to change our life, the first thing is to change our mentality. Because "Whoever can enrich every moment with the most profound content is prolonging his life infinitely."

Ordinary is the inside story of life, and hardship is the footnote of life. But we often lament that life is not living for years, how difficult life is, what we taste is only the bitterness of the moment, and what we are confused is only the direction of life at present. Since the world is full of flowers and moons, in full bloom and full of love; Then there should also be flowers, waning moons, young women and old people. Then let's not care whether it's rain and wind, or smoke and waves painting a boat. It's better to light a heart lamp for ourselves, open a heart window, have the courage to face, be willing to bear, sing with life and dance with suffering. Isn't that another taste?

But perhaps, as long as you think of flowers in your heart, you will "face the sea and flowers bloom in spring" from time to time. Well, let's take every dawn as the beginning of life and every dusk as a section of life. "There is no tree in Bodhi, and the mirror is not a platform. There is nothing in Bodhi. Where does it provoke dust?" Only those who have sunshine in their hearts can feel the sunshine of reality. How can life be beautiful if you always have a bitter face? After all, life is always a mirror. If you smile at her, she will smile at you. It's better to sow and blossom at any time on both sides of the road. After all, all the sadness will eventually leave us a trace of joy, and all the regrets will eventually leave us the perfect corner.

Hello tomorrow.

The harder you work, the luckier you are. Then don't wait for tomorrow to come to us, let's go to tomorrow. And sometimes, we are like the children without umbrellas. We must always keep the posture of running hard. So, instead of exploring how big the world is, it's better to think about how wide your heart can be. Perhaps the appearance of the world is just the reflection of the bottom of my heart; The beauty of the world comes from the light and compassion of that heart. We can go through trouble, but we can't get lost in trouble.

Life focuses on choice, but no matter what choice, as long as it is your own choice, there is no right or wrong and regret at all. After all, the past you will not satisfy the present you, and the present you will not satisfy the future you. Well, since we had the courage to choose, we should also have the courage to bear the consequences. Moreover, when a person grows up, he dares to face himself tragically: before choosing, he has a sincere and firm face; After choosing, there is a heart that will never change.

Then, don't always complain about yourself, because life is a long confrontation after all. Some people laugh at the beginning, while others win at the end. Because fate won't favor anyone. Maybe it depends on how long you can chase and stick to it. Because your efforts today are your lucky foreshadowing. The pay of the moment is the flowers of tomorrow. Fragrant past, quiet years. People can't live by mood, but by mentality.

The sky, after all, does not clear up every day; Life is not always happy. The sunflower is more brilliant when standing in the sun because it has experienced wind and rain. Only when one has tasted all the flavors can one feel sweeter and sweeter. The occasional hidden sunshine is warmer when it comes again; The uncertain hope is even more surprising when it reappears.

Happiness is the sunshine in the crack of the tree, mottled in the corner of life; Trouble is the breeze outside the house, sneaking in quietly from the window. We don't have to cut down trees for the sake of peace, and we don't have to close our doors for the sake of sunshine. We have been moving forward in the entanglement of happiness and trouble. No matter how big the happiness is, it will precipitate into the past, and no matter how big the trouble can only be dotted into pieces. If you are not satisfied with success or lose your temper when you fail, that may be the best choice. Then, it's better to keep an optimistic attitude. Maybe it's dawn when walking, and she comes when she loves happiness.

Not every flower can bear fruit, but every flower has its own flowering season. So, as long as our mentality is correct, it's better to comfort ourselves and say to ourselves tomorrow: "Hello tomorrow."

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