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I was on Tik Tok a while ago, and there was an ad that kept popping up. It didn't happen just once..but it happened every time I opened the app.

It was a promotional ad of Jessie Reyez's song.

I personally thought it wasn't a big deal...until I randomly decided to look at the comments.

Users were commenting on every single detail, bashing Reyez for how she dressed, how she was dancing, her song overall, and her voice.

People claimed she was singing in cursive...which I don’t even know what that means.

They were also saying things like “learn how to dress”, or “this is trash”.

I thought there would be an end to the hate comments….but it didn’t stop.

No matter how much further I scrolled down, people’s words made me feel bad for Reyez.

How could people be so cruel?

I understand comments are of free speech, but at least show some respect.

It blew my mind how many users were bullying her, and they all were probably younger than her.

Maybe people should be more careful on what they say….because for some people, it’s really shocking to see how cruel the world can be.

If they were in her shoes..would they want the same thing to happen to them?

What happened to the golden rule-

Treat people how you want to be treated?

Nowadays, maybe people just don’t care anymore..

All I see is pure negativity...how is that possible?

Can’t there be a world of peace and understanding?

Social media and technology has a hold on us.

It is limiting social interactions with people who we know and are close with..

It is limiting our human contact, and that is very scary in itself

From a world when there wasn’t even a cell phone..and now we have all the gadgets and tech we need without a struggle.

Jessie Reyez is just a human being. And so are the tik tokers, and so are you…

Tik Tok needs to be careful how they present their platform, because...they are people of all ages on the app.

Some young kids are on the app, and if they see the comments, they could think that bullying is okay.


Some even commented under Reyez’s advertisement saying, “I think this is a time when bullying is ok”.

That’s messed up.

What happens when Reyez sees all these comments.

We don’t know what she’s going through,..but people have the nerve to hate her behind a phone screen.

It’s sickening and it’s absolutely horrible.

The next time you try to clapback or comeback at someone in the comments, or to a celebrity themselves-

Realize they ARE JUST LIKE YOU. They have more recognition, but they should NOT be treated with less respect.

Because they are big in the media and popular, doesn’t mean they can take the hate.

Celebrities in the magazines and on social media hurt too.

When can people wake up and smell the roses…

The judgement that people receive no matter how popular they are, needs to stop.


Remember when Jordyn Woods was in a scandal?

Or when Kehlani attempted suicide?

Or when some young girls and boys take their own lives due to online negativity?

In order to live a better life in a world infused with technology 24/7,

Be the bigger person and do not comment out of your emotions.

Think before you speak, and you’ll get further in life than judging what people do, say, or even how they dress.

Thank you so much.

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Briana Benkin
Briana Benkin
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