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by Nira Kumari 5 months ago in happiness

Whole world is trying to get something which has always been theirs in the first place, that something is — HAPPINESS.

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Happiness is the attainment of contentment where saturity takes place. But, does man really feel saturated ever? No. The more he gets, the more he desires. This desire has no end, so there is no end of misery and woe also.

In ancient times, people were more happy and contented. We may be more powerful than them, but they were the happier ones. The main reason is that they lived a united family life, enjoyed a highly social life which is totally missing in the modern world. Our ancestors had a great mutual and social understanding. They were concerned about one another, they respected everyone's emotions. It's all lacking in the self-centered ,dry-hearted, highly practical and professional world. Thus, with the rise of individualism and decline in collectivist ideologies, happiness is acquiring its supreme value in economic growth and monetary satisfaction. Still, there is no hhappiness.Money can't purchase happiness.

In today's world, man has forgotten the ethics that happiness lies in making others happy. How can one expect such a thing in this self-centered world? High expectation, over ambition, extreme practicality and self-centeredness has made the things hapless. Mind has been preoccupied with worldly objectives, goals, targets, tensions, money, wealth and all other things which defy the main concept of happiness that it is a state of mind in which we feel peaceful, full of joy, calm and relaxed.

Now, what happens? Most of us pass our lives chasing happiness, and the more we chase, the farther it goes away from us. We never attain it. And Our lives simply goes by looking back waving at us telling that we always had it but we wasted and let it go away.


What can be done to live in such a life, to know at the end that you have had a life, you didn’t waste the time you were given, you enjoyed it, and most importantly YOU WERE HAPPY.

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There is only one moment in which we can be happy and that moment is NOW. We need to be happy in whatever we have, in every big or small thing that we do or that happens. Happiness can be stored as memories, images or mementos which have good experiences and cherishable links to the past. Happiness has no restrictions, no limitations, no start, no end, You can be happy with ten of millions of dollars, or with a scoop of that favourite ice cream, You can be happy running out, playing all day or in my case, writing articles, listening to music, looking outside at those clouds, and understanding that this magical moment invoking these thoughts, feelings is my life, this moment is my happiness.


Man's desperate look for happiness has been the main source of evil throughout the ages. Man is frantically striving to get eternal happiness, but at the end he fails miserable. Misery leads to evil. Man remains unhappy again. Hence, we should remember that we are not designed to be consistently happy. Instead, we are designed to survive and reproduce. Advocates of a morally correct path to happiness also disapprove of taking shortcuts to pleasure with the help of psychotropic drugs.

Thus, Man’s desperate pursuit of happiness has been the single greatest source of evil throughout the ages. All men strive frantically to be eternally happy. And in this pursuit they fail continually. From the ensuing misery, arises the potential and the fact of great evil. A more natural and primeval mental state of being is possible, but our modern obsession with happiness obscures this possibility.

Sometimes, we become unhappy due to our non-accepting rigidness. Here, we need to take control of our mind and respond to the situations or circumstances or experiences wisely and positively. We need to accept ourselves, others and the whole world. We need to leave rigidness and bring about flexibility in us. Only then we can aspire for a change and be happy. Apart from the ATM where we withdraw money, we have an ATM where we can withdraw Happiness also. It’s the ATM for HAPPINESS — A for Acceptance, T for Taking charge and M for Making the most of what we have, and as it conveys, this all can be achieved At The Moment.


Hence, It becomes necessity for us to be caring, sharing, listening and speaking. Let’s care for our fellow beings, share food and other requisites with them, listen to their woes, speak to them lovingly, redress their pains, make them happy and be happy in helping them. Let’s all come together, be more compassionate, understanding the power of now, meaning of life otherwise Happiness will remain a mirage.


Nira Kumari

Hello wonderful Readers, I'm a school teacher passionate for writing. This year I turned 55, and have started my long life dream of becoming a Writer.

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Nira Kumari
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