Going Up Without Talent is Likely to Cause Failure!

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Shortcut is a word for the lazy, not the talented!

Going Up Without Talent is Likely to Cause Failure!

Going up without talent is likely to cause failure. What does this mean? It means that if we try to raise our status in any field of life, but we haven’t fully prepared for it, its much likely that we will fail at any time in the future.

For example, if a student graduates from one grade to the next, but he hasn’t fully understood all the concepts in the previous grade, he is much likely to struggle in the next grade. Similarly, if some bachelor engineer tries to gain a master’s degree without fully understanding the basic concepts in the bachelor, he is much likely to suffer during his masters. If the same engineer tries to get a Ph.D, he is likely to struggle much more. For example, if this Ph.D now goes ahead to teach a bachelor’s course in some university, its likely that he will be incompetent in some areas and may not be able to fully satisfy his students.

Therefore, things like cheating in examinations, or trying to get bonus marks only temporary helps us. But in the long run, we will suffer all by our own. It’s possible that we may feel like an empty container even after achieving the highest degrees. Therefore, it's important that we try to learn any concept as much as we can. Nowadays, this is so simple with the availability of the internet. We can search the entire internet for whatever topic we like and try to fully understand it.

This not only applies to education, but also to all areas of life. For example, we should do business honestly, and fully learn its art, without deceiving or cheating others. Likewise, this applies to education, work, family-life, spiritual experiences etc. This means that we shouldn't only look to get things done, rather we should look to get them done in style.

But mastering our field does not mean that we completely perfect every single topic. In fact, we should try our best, and then keep improving along the way. There are so many mysteries in life that we cannot uncover in our lives. However, an honest hardworker, a dedicated student and a keen researcher are all better contributors to their societies than a shortcuter, a cheating student and a lazy worker.

But it's best that we try to pick at least one specific field in our life and try and master it as much as we can. And one the sidelines, we can learn other stuff. This means that its a nice idea to become a master of one trade, and a minute jack of all trades. This model can be represented by the T-learning curve. This means that we excel in one field and also have some knowledge of other fields. The vertical line in the letter 'T' represents the area we excel and master in, while the horizontal line in the letter 'T' represents the fields we have general knowledge about.

If we try to become highly competent in our fields, this well help us achieve true understanding of our fields. It is only after true understanding that we can give expert opinions and be confident in our claims. A person who never masters the basics of his field will only go ahead to discover the cracks in his foundation. But at this stage, we should not give up hope. Rather, looking back to the basics and fixing the weaknesses will help us improve in the future. For there is no benefit in proceeding ahead without the proper tools. For a building is likely to collapse without a strong foundation!

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