Go with your own Flow

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Trusting your personal timing

Go with your own Flow

I always admire people who make mood boards, so I decided to make one myself. It got slightly awkward when I couldn't quite group and put my finger on all of my goals. I decided to add a car to my mood board. I started searching the few car brands that knew and quickly came to a strange conclusion. I had no emotional attachment to the car. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind having one. But it was not something I had been dreaming of. I guess it was just something I thought that would make sense if I wanted it.

Needless to say I removed the Audi A8 from my Mood Board.

But this left me wondering: How many times do I think I want something because it would make sense to want it?

The world we live in is a highly ambitious place. From the early stages of our life we are drilled to believe we are racing against time and everybody else. “If it’s not now it will be too late”.

Social Media has distorted our views of what really is. It’s natural: Just like anybody else, you only share what you want others to see. Which really isn’t wrong, after all you wouldn’t want to make your Instagram a collection of bad memories. But when we paint a beautiful picture of our lives, we often forget that others too, are doing the same.

The problem occurs when we observe others and compare them to ourselves, often concluding that we might not have acquired and achieved the same as them.

This insecurity will have us trying to compensate our failure and catch up by aiming to achieve something we don’t really want. Or at least at this point in time it may not be a priority.

Now, pinpointing priorities is very easy: You are prepared to go the extra mile for something you really want. When you ask for something that you do not prioritise at heart, you are confusing your thoughts and creating an imbalance between your own expectations and desires. If you repeatedly find yourself thinking “Why do I never get what I want?”, you might need to reevaluate your priorities.

We are all born with a little voice in our head called the Instinct. This little voice is very intelligent, it knows our thoughts to an extent that is has an insight of things we would never say out loud.

Internalising competitive ideas will lead us to distrusting our instinct and teaching it to say harsh and untrue things about ourselves. You need to release these toxic thoughts you might be holding about yourself.

The truth is that it is never too late for anything if you really want, when following your own divine timing. If you are constantly trying to catch up you will find yourself living in the future and will miss the opportunity to enjoy the present.

Enjoying the present doesn’t mean anything else than being the best version of yourself today. Put your efforts into exceeding yourself at whatever it is you do. Be proud of yourself. The process where we evolve from who we were into who we are is what we consider a lesson. Enjoy this process. There will be time for everything else later, too.

By being confident about what you wish for and desire, you exit the competition and embark on your personal journey. You don't need to feel inferior when you are aware that you are following your personal timing. This will allow you to view others with admiration instead of envy and you can convert your social media findings into an inspiration instead of an insecurity.

Positivity is a substance that we need to actively induce into our lives. The way we perceive ourselves is something that we need to work on. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else than the person you were, you are and you want to be. Speak to and of yourself with kind words. Cherish your accomplishments. Look forward to your objectives. You have enough time, you are going with your own flow.

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