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Give An Account Of The Kind Of Woman You Wish You Were ..

... But Will Never Be.

By Christina D. Anderson - Mega Mind EntertainmentPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Art Created by Christina D Anderson - Skype ID: diane.c.parker

Cecilia had always wanted to be a businesswoman. She was naturally driven and ambitious, and she knew that with the right opportunities, she could make something great of herself.

Art Created by Christina D Anderson - Skype ID: diane.c.parker

But her dream was held back by an invisible force: fear. Fear of failure kept Cecilia from pursuing her goals, no matter how hard she tried to push past it.

She talked about her dreams often but never felt comfortable discussing them in depth or making any real progress towards achieving them. She felt like a bird trapped in a cage; unable to soar as high as she desired because her wings were clipped by this paralyzing fear inside of her.

But one day, something changed within Cecilia—something shifted deep down inside of her that allowed for hope and courage to take root once more. It wasn't immediate—it took time for Cecilia to realize what had happened—but eventually, she understood that it was the small steps forward each day that helped build up enough confidence within herself so that when the opportunity arose, she would have no problem saying yes without hesitation or worry about failing again like before.

With newfound strength behind her every move and decision, Cecilia began taking strides towards becoming who she wanted to be: a successful businesswoman full of ambition and drive ready to take on whatever challenge came next!

Suzanne's Story: My name was Suzanne and I lived a life of regret. I used to dream of being the kind of woman I wished to be, one who seemed so carefree, confident and strong.

Art Created by Christina D Anderson - Skype ID: diane.c.parker

She was the kind of person who could take on anything that came her way with ease, no matter how difficult or challenging it may have been.

She had an aura about her that made people want to gravitate towards her; she was a natural leader and always brought out the best in those around her. She found joy in the little things and never let fear stand in her way when it came to trying new experiences or taking risks.

The most admirable thing about this woman though, was how genuine she was with every interaction she had - no matter who they were with or what their story might have been - there wasn't any judgement or criticism, just understanding and compassion for all those around her.

I often wondered why I couldn't be more like this woman; why my own confidence ebbed away whenever someone asked me something out of my comfort zone? Why did fear tend to win almost every time? The truth is that despite wanting desperately to be more like this version of myself - I knew deep down inside that it would never happen... at least not for me anyway.

And so here I am now wishing for something but knowing full well that wish will never come true - because unfortunately some dreams are meant only for others ...

My interview with someone's life gone wrong..

Art Created by Christina D Anderson - Skype ID: diane.c.parker

I often wonder what it would be like to be someone else. To have a different life, with different experiences and opportunities. I watch the lives of others go by and think about who I could have been if only things had gone differently for me.

I imagine myself as an independent woman: one who is driven, accomplished, successful; who has conquered her fears and taken risks that’ve paid off in big ways. She speaks several languages fluently, travels around the world whenever she pleases, confidently making new acquaintances wherever she goes.

She’s beautiful but doesn't need validation from anyone; instead people are drawn to her because of her intelligence and wit rather than just good looks alone. Her career is sky-high and she works hard every day even though money isn’t much of an issue for her anymore – work is something she enjoys doing simply because it challenges her mind in exciting ways that make her feel alive!

On top of all that this imaginary version of me also manages to stay fit through regular exercise despite leading such a busy life; plus she still finds time to enjoy simple pleasures like walking on the beach or reading a good book curled up on the couch at home after long days at work - no matter how tired or stressed out she might be feeling beforehand.

But sadly this person will never exist outside my own head – so while I may dream about being someone else sometimes these types of wishes usually remain nothing more than fantasy since they can never actually come true…

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