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Fruits of Labor

by Carlton Burns 12 months ago in self help
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By Carlton B.

Fruits of Labor
Photo by @shawnanggg on Unsplash

"Hello and good morning Mr. Glenn, how are things with--"

"Fine. Can we just get this over with?" he interjects.

"I get that you don't want to be here, but you're here for a reason. I'm just here to help guide you past it."

"I know. My bad, Rebekah. Things have just been a roller coaster these past few weeks. All of this's overwhelming," he says, sighing gently.

"What do you usually do in times like these?"

"I don't cry about them!" she says in a teasing manner.

"Just kidding. When I hit rock bottom, of course there's a time to lay in the dirt and reflect. Maybe play with a pebble or two. I know I can't stay too long, no matter how nice the worms are!" she answers joyfully.

"Your optimism is infectious," he says grinning, "But I was hoping for a more direct response."

"Hmm, I see. Come with me, I got to show you something."

Rebekah stands up from her office chair and heads to the backdoor in the room, unlocking it--revealing a stone pathway leading to a garden.

"Where are we going?" Glenn asks puzzled, "And what do you have to show me?"

"To stretch our legs, get some sunshine and...well, you'll see once you get up lazy bones!" Rebekah replies with a tease, "Now, join me on this adventure will you?"

"Okay, okay, I'm coming." He replies, intrigued by the 'something' that Rebekah is being reticent about.

Glen rises from the leather sofa and heads towards the open door Rebekah is holding for him.

By Tim Cooper on Unsplash

As the two head through the door, Rebekah makes sure she locks it, before they venture off. Walking along the path, the smell of freshly cut grass and petrol fills the air.

"Ah, don't you love that smell?" Rebekah utters, as she takes a slow inhale, and slowly exhales, leaving a moment of silence between them.

"Yeah, I guess if you adore the smell of grass," Glen remarks in jest. "So, can you give me a hint as to what this 'surprise' is?"

"I'm glad you asked. Let's walk a bit," Rebekah answers with a grin. As the pair walk along the stone path, a gentle breeze caresses the freshly trimmed topiary.

"As I mentioned earlier, hitting rock bottom is a part of life. A 'part', mind you. It isn't the end all be all. And sometimes we tend to believe it is."

Rebekah pauses to admire the chrysanthemums that are beginning to emerge along with the rest of its kin.

By Anastasiya Romanova on Unsplash

"Glenn, here's your hint." she says amused.

"Sprouting flowers?" He replies confused. "Another of your vague metaphors huh?"

Rebekah laughs

"They had to start somewhere! Besides it is just a hint. A subtle one if you think about it." she counters guilefully.

"First they were seeds buried in the mud and now...?" she finishes, waiting for a response.

"Now they're sprouting." he responds annoyed.

"Bingo," she says with a slight tease. "They emerged from the dirt, and are emerging as the plants we see around them. I think it's a good metaphor."

"Ha, it's clever." He says delighted.

"I'm glad you agree. But we've still got a little ways to go," Rebekah notes, as she continues on the path.

As they tread on the path they reach an incline on a hill, which at the very top sits a tree.

"Hurry slowpoke, I want to catch the sunset!" Rebekah calls out, as she picks up her pace.

Having no choice but to follow suit, Glenn hurries to catch up to the elated Rebekah.

By Terry Tan De Hao on Unsplash

As they near the top of the tree, the sun is setting--emitting a warm glow of rays which turn the clouds a myriad of purple and pink.

"Wow.." Glenn whispers in astonishment.

"'Wow' is right." Rebekah agrees in concordance.

A few quiet moments pass as the two enjoy the sunrays prancing amongst the clouds.

"Was this your surprise? 'Cuz it's a nice view, but I'm still lacking answers." Glenn murmurs disillusioned.

"Here catch!" Rebekah says, as she tosses what looks like a pear.

"Really? A pear?" He states, amused at her whimsical charm.

"Don't we make a great one?" She replies with quip.

"Your puns are terrible. Where'd you even find this?" he says with a chuckle, biting into the greenish yellow fruit.

"A pear tree of course." Rebekah says with sass. "Picked them up while you were busy playing in the flowers"

By Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

"How convenient," He says with a grin, "But I still need an answer."

"The answer has been all around you, you've just been looking the wrong way." She kindly refutes.

"What do you mean? Glenn puzzledly asks.

"Life comes with ups and downs, that's a given. But while you're in those down moments--that dirty feeling filled with pressure--you either let it break you, or become that diamond you're supposed to be." She boldly answers.

"And if I break?" he says apathetically.

"That's honestly up to you. You choose whether to push on or stay halted in your tracks." she says softly.

Glenn takes a moment to process her words, gazing at the pear seeds still intact where his bite was.

"Well, I can't let that happen." vocalizes Glenn with a hint of confidence.

"I'm glad you're seeing with the right 'pair' of eyes for once." She chimes.

Glenn laughs

"No more puns please." he retorts with a chuckle.

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About the author

Carlton Burns

Writing has been one of the ways I’ve been able to express my thoughts, maybe as a form of self-therapy. In a sense I’m able to reflect on lessons learned and many mysteries uncovered on this journey of life.

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