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To be myself

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What is freedom? What is it like to have freedom? What is it like to be free? The questions I am asking, I am asking for reality and life purposes. Do we know the answers to these questions and do we live it? I very much do and I'm going to share my personal story in hopes that it either inspires you to live freely or support your freedom.

I have shared a lot of my life here and all over social media with everyone in a way that not only were my intentions to help encourage and inspire others, but it also helped aid in my own healing process as I shared my life journey. My personal life journey consisted of the Twin Flame Journey, Self Love Journey, Self Healing Journey, and Breaking Generational Curses Journey. Everyone has their own and these were mine, hence why at times I just call it the Journey of Life.

Instead of me going backwards to everything I have already shared, I am going to share specifically 2021. I wanted "Financial Freedom" in 2021. It was my theme for the year. Little did I know I was creating more than just my own business, but I was going to be free from the nightmare I was living in. My dreams very much were coming true, that was no lie, it just didn't happen the way I expected it to happen and with the people I expected to be in my life. When I talk about dreams coming true, I am talking about I manifested the heck out of 2021 in a way that I was asking for healthier, supportive, and more positive relationships, a better life for me and my kids, being free from being judged by others, being free to live life how I choose to, as well as learning to love myself more.

My whole world came crashing down in 1 years time because I was asking for freedom, love, peace, happiness, and healing all in abundance. So, what people see when I tell them that I am getting divorced or that I cut off relationships that were criticizing, judgmental, and very unhealthy, is loss and pain. I reassure you the losses were worth what I gained.

I am a stay at home single mom with 3 kids and 3 on the way. I have just started my own online coaching business as a Certified Life Coach, but I also am collaborating with a group of other Wellness and Health Coaches who are a supportive Community and support me on my endeavors in business. I have also made many new connections with people who enjoy life and live freely as well. My children and I overall are healthier. I clock in when I want to and clock out when I want to. I have more time to spend with my children and support them, care for myself, travel, and keep in touch with family and friends all while also helping others with their own journey in life.

The one thing I have always enjoyed is helping, supporting, and inspiring others with their life goals and life journey no matter what it may be. So I made it an official thing so I can do it for the rest of my life because I have been doing it for years and I very much love it. In doing so, it created my overall freedom. I show up authentically as my true self working from wherever I am at, I spend more time with my kids, I have more time to myself, I have more peace in my life, more happiness, and definitely a lot of love and support. That is called freedom and some pretty darn good manifesting skills.

Manifesting is not what we assume it is. We expect things to happen a certain way, with certain people, things, and at a certain time. For example, asking for a better job or job position, so we lose our job and then because we are so focused on the loss, we don't see that it happened for a better opportunity and we miss that opportunity because we stay focused on the loss. Or how about passing up job opportunities because we think it isn't what we want, but it's exactly what we are asking for and because we are judging the outside of it without getting all the inner details.

When we speak what we want, but are not willing to take action steps towards receiving what we are asking for, we miss our opportunities to have what we want and sometimes we think we want something and really we don't. Such as asking for more peace and less stress. It may require you to spend more time alone in solitude, get a better job, work from home, spend less time around friends and family that disturb your peace, end unhealthy relationships, but you may not want to do all of that or say you can't. You can live life how ever you choose to. We are all free to make our own choices. Another example of freedom.

Freedom from being judged by others is a really good one, too. I don't judge others because very much I have experienced enough of my own personal lessons to not judge someone else. I was having a conversation and making some new connections at a birthday party. Often times, we wonder how we can relate to others around us who come from different families, backgrounds, religions, etc. So here's the answer: we are all human beings living here on this earth. It does not matter what culture, race, religion, lifestyle, gender, etc. you are, when you start putting labels on people, that's where judgement comes in and we should be able to be ourselves in this world without judging or being judged. Project what you want to reflect. When you can sit in a room with other people and have a good conversation and good time regardless of differences, that is peace, harmony, and balance.

I am me. There is only one me. You are you. There is only one of you. We may have some common interests, share some similiarites in life, yet we are still completely different. That is what makes us all the same is our differences. If we were all alike living the same lifestyles and doing everything the same, life would not be very much fun. Having differences and getting to know others' likes and dislikes is super cool in my opinion as well as being able to share some similiarities. If we vibe the same, cool. If we don't, cool too. I can still project my love to someone in a way that I share kind words with them, pay for their coffee in the drive thru, purchase someone else's groceries if I am able to, leave the uber driver a tip that has been working hard to earn their living by helping others too, etc. Even if customer service or a cashier is being rude, it is possible to show empathy because maybe they had a few really rude customers and they are frustrated and just need that one customer to be kind to kick their positive vibes back into gear.

A lot of us do not realize that Covid-19 has affected ALL of us because WE are all ONE. We are a nation of people; human beings. We all have experienced a lot of trauma and even before all this, just in general in life and it's definitelty gotten worse. No one is alone, we just need to start with ourselves and our homes and figure out what we want in our personal lives and how we would want others to be. By that I mean my two favorite mottos, "Be the change you want to see in others" and "Believing is seeing". It does not mean expect others to be like you and live like you, it means if you don't want to be judged for your choices, then don't judge others and believe it is possible and you will see it. Don't ever expect to see anything you don't believe in.

Everything I have shared here, I walk it daily because I believe one day we all will come together and live in harmony and peace and balance again because I have seen it when I share with others and support them and help them know that I am a safe space and judgement free zone. I am human like everyone else and I am perfectly imperfect me. The more people that can live life freely as who they are no matter what their past, the more we create equality. We put certain labels on what is right and wrong when really, it's what feels right to you. There is not only one way to live. Living life true to who you are and being your true self with others is the best way to live, yet it also means there are so many people that there are so many different lifestyles, etc. leading to an infinite number of ways to live life.

Today, I encourage you to live freely. Live life the way you choose to because that is being free, that is fredom, and it is an amazing feeling to be able to do so. I very much created my own uproar last year in my life because I was not willing to let go of people and things and time on how and when I was going to receive everything I was asking for. If I had let go sooner, it would not have been as bad, however, if I had let go sooner, I also would not be able to share with you how to create your life in a much easier way. Now that I know for myself, 2022 let's go!!!!! Time to manifest the heck out of this year and I hope the best for all of you. Don't focus on the losses in what you are asking for. Stay focused on what you still have, what you have gained, and the goals you are trying to accomplish. - Maleaya

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