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By Oke AdeniyiPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
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A lot of people think that feeling emotionally balanced is far fetched, or that people who don't feel bothered are lucky. That is not always the case, Some people are not easily discouraged because they're naturally optimistic.

However, while emotional balance does have something with your genes and temperament, there is a much deeper truth. It is worth noting that being emotionally balanced doesn't mean you don't have painful emotions- it means you have a healthy relationship with them.

For instant:

Emotional balance doesn't mean you never get sad. It means that when you get sad, you don't criticize or judge yourself for being sad. And instead, you remind yourself that sadness is a normal part of being human.

Emotional balance doesn't mean you never get anxious. It means that instead of trying to avoid your anxiety with distractions, you acknowledge it, validate it, and allow it to run its course.

Fortunately, this article will help you learn how to create a healthier relationship with your emotions. And the best way to learn this is by developing healthy emotional habits.

The four things below are what emotionally balanced people do, and also a great way to starting improving your emotions as well.

1. Accepting painful feelings

No matter how good you are at letting go or avoiding negative thought, you will still feel sad emotions because;

Everybody gets anxious sometimes

Everybody gets sad sometimes

Everybody gets angry sometimes

Whether an emotion is excruciating, overwhelming or tolerable often come down to one counter intuitive idea.

Most people make the mistake of assuming that when we feel sad emotionally, something is wrong. No! pain is not always a signal of danger but also a sign of growth. It is important to learn how to accept painful emotions because the harder you try to escape from painful feeligs, the more you intensify them.

2. Letting go of unhelpful thoughts

Overthinking is the fuel of emotion:

If you feel anxious, it's because you've been worrying a lot

If you feel angry, it's because you've been ruminating

If you feel sad, it's because you've been reflecting on something you lost

The tricky thing about emotion is that, it is not always under your control. This is why you see some people having emotional outburst in public places. However, controlling your thoughts is way forward to keeping your emotions in check. For example, if a thought pops into your mind, you could elaborate it with more worries which could heighten your anxiety.

Emotionally balanced people are experts in letting go of thoughts that could amplify their emotions. And this attribute can be learnt over time, making it easier to become more emotionally balanced.

3. Prioritizing self-care

Prioritizing self-care cannot be overemphasized. Many people fall into depression because they did not take care of their mental health. They worry a lot about the slightest negative thought that pops in their heads.

As much as we like to draw distinctions between the brain and the body, your brain is your body. If your body is functioning well, your brain will perform at utmost capacity- including managing and regulating situations and emotions that result from such situations. The ways you can improve your self-care are

Sleep. Having good hours of sleep is one of the ways to actually improve your health and self-care

Exercise. If your body is fit and strong and healthy, your ability to keep your mood and emotions balanced will be more easier

Diet. Eating well and maintaining healthy diet will give you more clarity and energy to handle emotionally difficult situations

Hobbies. Having hobbies that get you excited is a good way to redirect your mind away from thoughts that could cause sad emotions.

Your ability to focus and take care of difficult emotions depends on your ability to take care of yourself

4. Setting healthy boundaries

As humans, we care a lot about other people opinion about us. This on the long run have impact on how we react and feel in certain conditions. Thinking constantly about our relationship with others is inevitable. however, there is a need for us to properly manage those situations because if it goes out of hand, our mind is going to be subjected to overthinking.

Like everything, caring about how others perceive us can be taken too far... Setting boundaries will help you become confident and emotionally strong. When setting boundaries, you must also be ready to enforce it because if you don't, there's a possibility that those boundaries will get violated and your emotions will disturb you.

Emotionally balanced people don't joke with their stated Dos and Don't. They go all the way to enforce the boundaries they set while interacting with others at work, home and even in social gathering.

Thank you for reading..

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