Finding Balance and Creating Healthy Habits

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During Quarantine

Finding Balance and Creating Healthy Habits

Don't drain yourself with negativity, destruction, and chaos instead bask in the light of positivity, balance, and clarity

Are you the type to start working the moment your eyes open? Or are you worse like me? I am the type that would struggle with creating boundaries for how I would control my work life I would even dream about working and what needed to be done or how I needed to move things around. See being a nurse we have our main set schedules and the on-call schedules but being the manager meant I had to oversee EVERY aspect of the employees and their schedules whilst having my own patient load. As you can imagine my brain was always running and sleep was the very last thing on my mind. To be honest, I didn’t even realize I had a “problem” I mean my family, friends, and boyfriend all said things over the years but I was SUPERWOMAN I could do it all! I have lived this way since I was 14 working my very first job juggling full-time school, sports, and a competitive dancer all at once.

Now don’t let me fool you there were times I would do the occasional face mask or the coconut oil hair treatments and I considered these to be self-care I mean what more could you possibly do with such a busy life? BOY! did I find out! I love my crazy chaos although It didn’t occur to me until the Corona Virus -19 pandemic hit, for me to realize I needed to slow down and take a good deep inner look. Because I have health issues my job didn’t want me to risk being exposed and they essentially put me on the great ol’ house arrest. It was at this time that I started to feel my anxiety and depression hit me like a brick wall. I went from working nonstop to nothing in a blink of an eye literally overnight. It was in this time I discovered that drowning myself in work and keeping busy only meant I was suppressing and prolonging everything I was trying to run away from.

So, I decided it was time for ME! I started to research what self-care actually meant and Yes! it can involve the beloved face/ hair masks, the salons buying anything that made you feel good about yourself but self-care is way more than that it’s also taking care of your mental and physical health which this part is not always the fun part. It's taking those steps back and reevaluating your life to prune out the negativity to make room from more positivity. Here are the steps I did in order to assess my new plan of attack! Implementing these techniques during the downtime will set the routine in hopes of continuing them when schedules pick back up.


1) Build Boundaries- This can be for anything that you may feel is OVER controlling your life and time. This is part of utilizing your work time for work and home time for home.

2) Schedule of importance- I used this on a daily from bigger tasks to the order I was going to clean my home. By doing this it helped me make a plan and its very rewarding to physically mark them as completed.

3) Mental Awakening- This was a strong step for me and it will be different for everyone. This was the time I set aside to go through any baggage I may be holding on to and find ways to release it. Think of this as decluttering your mind. By working through some of my deep-rooted issues my mind physically started to feel for clear. This is not a fast or easy step it may take time and as for myself I continue to do this daily via meditation and praying. I also take lots of notes during this step so I can look back and see how far I have come. I took a look at what may have been triggering for my anxiety and depression and tried to turn it into a positive. Now this didn't magically fix all my problems but it did help me realize that not everything I thought to be triggering was in fact triggering I realized that if I didn't have time to fully process something it would just be filed under the negatives instead tor worked through.

Don't be pushed around by fears in your mind be led by the dreams in your heart

4) Fitness- Fitness has always really been part of my life in one way or another but that does not always mean I am in shape or eat healthily. I have struggled my whole life with body dysmorphia which is viewing one’s self in a different light than others may view you. So, this meant I would struggle with eating too much or not enough, working out too much or not at all. Because the gyms are closed for the quarantine my boyfriend built a mini gym space in our garage and I go down and work out as much or as little as I seem fit. I stopped listening to my mind and let my body take over and I am so pleased to say I am enjoying the results more and more. Just make a goal and stick to it!

5) Beauty package- Because I am naturally always on the go putting on makeup and dressing up was every blue moon. I didn’t realize that taking time whether 5 minutes or more to sit and do your hair or makeup is also the time you can self-reflect and learn to love the skin you are in. Sitting looking back at yourself can be such a scary thing that I have highly struggled with. This was the time that I took to learn to really appreciate myself. Once a day I would say one feature I liked about myself while looking in the mirror... Now this may seem shallow or silly but this is all about SELF CARE! I have to learn to love every ounce of my body down to the scar I have above my lip from when I was a baby to the indent, I have in my forehead from a car accident as a teen and all my perfect imperfections. Self-love is such a beautiful thing but please understand you don’t need makeup to be or feel beautiful but it sure does make me feel SASSY =].

Find time to recharge!


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