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Fairy tales are Tales

but where does the story come from

By Jessica HowardPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Fairy tales are Tales
Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash

A fairy tale is a tale of a magic, prince charming and happy endings, these things do not exist but the hope and the belief in a story does.

The hope and belief that good things do happen are important they give you faith in yourselves and to be kind and respectful to others.

But where does the story behind it come from?

Like history it is written but it is a story because who wrote it may not have been there so it is a story of what might have happened.

The stories may not contain prince charming and happily ever after but I believe they are a good story of hope, belief and faith.

With all that is going on out there I chose to believe this and have faith in myself.

Who says we can't believe in fairytales I didn't when I was young but it set me up to fall because the real world isn't like that.

I do believe that we have faith in ourselves and that good things can happen even in this world full of suffering and disappointment.

There may be no prince charming but there some good guys out there and they are hard to find but it is possible.

There is no silver lining or happiness at the end of a rainbow, happiness is what you make it and not what anyone else does so always count on you and you alone and not others to make you happy because only you can make your own happiness.

So the question that is still on my mind where does the story behind the fairy tales come from and who thinks to create a fairy tale that are to questions that are still on my mind.

Like I said before it is like history you don't know what true and what is not true because we weren't there and to me history is just another story so where does the story for fairy tales come from it has to start somewhere so where do they come from.

What inspires a fairy tale I often ask myself that there has to be a story behind it right this is the question.

To take this to an ending always remember that why fairy tales are good they are just tales but don't forget to have belief and faith in yourself and happiness is what you make it.

Also don't put all your hopes in finding your prince charming and living happily ever after because that does not exist you make your own happiness and don't rely in anyone else to make it for you.

Fairy tales are just tales but remember having belief and faith in yourself is important and your happiness comes from inside of you and that good things can happen to you.

Just have faith in yourself and believe that happiness is inside you and don't let the world get you down.

What still plays in my mind is are fairy tales based on a story or is just a tale someone comes up with I believed in fairy tales when I was younger but not now but I want to believe there is a nice story behind the fairy tale it gives me belief and faith in myself.

Without belief or faith in myself I would be lost and that is what fairy tales mean to me and not happily ever after with my prince charming because he doesn't exist but there are some good men out there and I have to remember that.

So once again take this to the end I believe there is a nice story behind a fairy tale and it gives me belief and faith in myself and that good things can happen in this world.


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