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Existing with a Purpose

by Anna Rondeau 4 years ago in happiness
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The Opinions of a 19-Year-Old Girl Who Likes Netflix Just as Much as the Next College Student

This is a cheesy picture of people I found on Google. Laugh at it with me, will you?

Ever feel like you're kind of just...existing? Going through the motions of everyday life and not really living? If you answered "yes", then me too! I consider myself to have a pretty good life. I have solid friendships, a boyfriend, a family, and I attend college. I am constantly busy with school work and trying to keep my relationship alive; however, I still feel like I'm just floating here. Like I don't really have a purpose. I ask myself, "Why are you even going to college?" and "Do you even know what you want to do for a career?" on daily basis. I get stuck in my head and my own thoughts are so loud I can't concentrate on anything. But for those of you who don't know what to do in times like these, this is what I do. It may not work for everyone, but it sure as hell works for me. First, I get up. I walk around. Go get a drink of water or maybe make some tea/coffee. I then sit down at my desk and write out a list. A to-do list is the most important thing in my day-to-day schedule. It could be little things like "call mom" or "buy milk." It could be big things like "meet with thesis advisor" or "finish research report." Writing things down has always been a big help to me. And when you get to cross it off your list, you feel accomplished. Like you aren't just existing, but existing with a purpose. Complete all your tasks in order of priority and don't worry about something until you have to. Take it step by step. After you have done everything you are supposed to do for that day, CHILL OUT. This is one of the big ones. As an extroverted introvert, I understand that it's important to keep up a social regime. However, if you don't feel like going out, don't go out. It's important to have alone time and just relax. Sometimes I make plans in the moment and when the time comes for me to hangout with them, I ghost them and pretend I didn't have my phone or cancel last minute. It's a rule of thumb: if they don't text you on the day you made plans, then you don't text them about it (that is, if you don't want to go). But, it's just as important to get out of bed and go out as it is to stay in and relax. If you keep in the same routine, things get old and boring fast. Go and try something new. Explore your city. Go to a party. Go on a picnic or a hike. Just get out and do something. It's hard sometimes to get up and out of bed. But when you do, you'll feel good. And then as soon as you're thinking, "Okay, I got out. I did something different. Now, I'm ready to be in my bed," then leave. It's okay to cut things short or not want to stay out until 3:00 AM. Go home, get in some comfy clothes, and watch some Netflix or read a chapter (or 12 chapters) of your favorite book before going to bed. I know these things may not work for everyone, but if I can help people who feel the same way as me, I am going to do my best. I hope this helped whoever reads this and that you can start feeling important. Remember: don't just be alive, LIVE!


About the author

Anna Rondeau

I am a 19 year old girl filled with angst and passion for all things literature. I'm probably watching Netflix and dreading my self-identity as you're reading this.

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