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Empath the Three Types

There's more than one way to experience being an empath

By Jocelyn Joy ThomasPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Being an empath means that life is a little more intense most of the time. The upside is you are able to feel and sense more of the good in life as well. Having empathy at greater depths and being tuned in means you can connect to higher consciousness. This adds texture, wisdom, and insight to your daily life.

Are you an empath?

It’s important to note that empaths feel their abilities in different ways, emotionally, physically, and intuitively. Someone can have two or even all three but will likely have a predominant empath type. No matter which type of empath you or someone you love is, it is an extraordinary ability yet widely misunderstood. It is important for empaths to connect, communicate and support one another.

The three empath types

Emotional Empaths

If you are an emotional empath, you pick up other people's emotions easily. Soaking up whatever mood they are in good or bad. This can happen with people you are close with but also people you might encounter while in your daily life. The fellow passenger on the bus, or a coworker for example.

This empath type is the one we tend to hear about the most. It’s the reason why for many years I rejected the idea of being an empath at all. I don't take on other people's emotions, and I thought that was the definition of an empath.

If you identify with being an emotional empath, (or any type of empath) be sure to practice self-protection measures. Ground yourself often and when you notice someone around you is outputting strong emotions imagine yourself surrounded by a clear light that protects you from their energy.

Physical Empaths

If you are a physical empath you tend to pick up other people's physical symptoms. If someone has a headache, you take it on, whether they verbalize their symptom or not. While there is an obvious inherent negative reality with this ability there is also the ability to feel good health as well. This ability plays out with people you are close to but also with people you encounter.

I find that individuals with natural healing abilities are often physical empaths. At a subconscious level, there seems to be an attempt and willingness to take on the physical ailments of others in order to heal them. The problem is, without training the healer doesn't know how to release the symptom from their body. If you feel you may predominantly be a physical empath, consider learning more about the healing arts.

Intuitive Empath

If you are an intuitive empath, you pick up information about other people through knowing, seeing, hearing, sensing, and dreams. You can have a strong connection with animals, plants, and higher realms of consciousness.

This is the type of empath I am. Intuitive empaths must take care to tune out from people. I have had experiences where I am standing in line and start to receive information about the person in front of me. I disconnect and surround myself with a circle of light to stop this. It was this ability that enabled me to do readings for many years, but it also caused a great deal of burnout. So, be mindful of who you are connecting with and how often.

How to live your life as an empath

There are good and bad parts to being an empath, just like anything else in life. Being sensitive means you will experience things more profoundly than others. At times this feels like a curse, as you can feel bombarded and overwhelmed. Other times it will feel likes a blessing, as you can connect in meaningful and uplifting ways. The insights you can bring to others can truly be life-changing. It makes the challenges easier to bear.

it’s vital as an empath that you take time for yourself. You must follow a self-care routine. This includes rest, diet, exercise, time in nature, and meditation. Find balance in what you give others and what you give yourself. Far too many empaths find themselves in situations where they are over-giving. This leads to stress and burnout which can result in poor mental and physical health.

Practice a routine of self-care religiously and not only will you feel a sense of balance but satisfaction. Embrace who you are, and enjoy it!

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