Doors of Opportunity

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How to draw what you wish for to you. By Rev. Amy Ruth Emam

Doors of Opportunity
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If you follow the instructions given by The Law of Attraction, which can be found anywhere these days; (I personally enjoy the different YouTube videos people put out these days on this topic.) You will be told to create a vision board that holds all the things you wish to manifest into your life. You will be told to go to fancy stores as if you are already a millionaire and pick out what you will buy. You will be told to see within your minds eye the life you wish to lead. This in and of it's self will draw to you what your heart desires.

I agree that this is a great way to generate the energy around you that helps motivate you to plant seeds to make things happen within your life to bring the doors of opportunity in front of you. You have to also plant physical seeds within your life to push you forward and make positive changes which allow you to open the doors when they present themselves. To just wish for something to happen doesn't mean it will. It can. stranger things have happened. It is easier if you make that vision board, write out lists of your desires within your life as well as the actions it will take to make to steps you take upon a new path easier to reach the doors you are seeking. Make sense? You should never just create a dream collage or vision board and expect to not put effort towards these dreams and wishes you desire to happen.

Yes thoughts are powerful. Yes you should watch what you wish for and put out to the universe. The power you put behind your thoughts is what draws your pathways to you. You must put the physical effort in as each opportunity comes your way. That is the key to your successful Law Of Attraction. It could be minor effort or require larger efforts depending on your dreams and desires.

I wish to be a well known writer who touches millions of lives one day with my divine infused words, sort of like a scribe in the olden days. So write my thoughts down for you here now. Maybe one day my writings will be highly valued by the masses as great wisdom for the heart, mind and soul. That is to be seen later on probably when I am already dead and gone from this planet.

In the image above you will notice two very different doors before you. When this happens it is two very different opportunities presenting themselves to you. One could be a higher road leading to your highest greater good filled with many new and different types of lessons. While the other is a lower road filled with the same lessons on repeat just harder because you didn't learn from them the last time around. This is when you are to ask the UNIVERSE to lead you to your paths that lead you to your highest greater good for your soul.

"Universe, I am tired of the same old same old lessons. I wish to be on the paths that lead me to the higher greater good for my soul. Please help me with this and lead me to the right doors that will open greater opportunities within my life here and now. Amen Amen Amen Blessed Be So Mote It Be."

This statement above will unlock the life magic waiting to fall upon your life. This statement brings new adventures, new networking partners, new life choices and a whole new life all the way around. You will see your old life fall away. New job opportunities will come in forms of promotions or a new job space altogether. You will be tested. You will fall and need to get up and try again. You will reach your door needed. Once you do baby, the abundance is so grand you beam brighter then ever for the whole universe to see.

I wish this for you. I wish you the greatest abundance life has to offer you. Do not be scared of your dreams or fearful that they can not happen. You are worthy of greatness. You are worthy of your dream home, vehicles, career and life style you desire. Plant your seeds and hold fast to your vision. Never give up on what you wish to be your life. You will get there. You will make it. You have it all.

This little light of mine, I AM going to let it SHINE!

Old school smiley face time :)

Love & Light My Friend.

Rev. Amy Ruth Emam

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Amy Emam
Amy Emam
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