Don’t Just Survive, Live

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There’s more to living than life itself.

Don’t Just Survive, Live

Sleeping, eating, drinking, breathing. All of those things enable human beings to live... or should I say survive. Are you truly living if all you are doing is barely surviving? To live is to smile! To be happy! To go beyond survival! Sometimes we get caught in the routine of survival we forget how to live. We end up revolving our lives around surviving, without even realizing it. Here are my five steps to not only survive, but to live:

1. Look around.

As Eliza Hamilton said “Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.” We really truly are! Try to see something new, or experience something new, once a month. And if you want to experience life even more, challenge yourself to do so once a week! Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and learn new things, meet new people, try new foods! There’s a whole world out there for you to explore! All you have to do is open your mind, and let new experiences come your way.

2. Be true to who you are.

Sometimes we get so swept up in routine that we forget who we are. We compromise ourselves just to survive. Don’t do that! Be you in all of the you glory that you are! Why hold yourself back? Just so that you can please the people around you? What’s the point? Be yourself! Let that inner weirdo out! Hiding yourself to fit in with society isn’t allowing yourself to truly experience life! Letting your inner self out allows you to not only enjoy life, but even enjoy survival!

3. Love.

Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your role models. Love strangers. LOVE EVERYONE! Of course there are instances in which you must guard your heart, but let yourself learn how to love. The most human characteristic is the ability to express love. Utilize it. Let the people around you feel your love. Let yourself feel your own love! Don’t shy away from love. When it comes your way, greet it with open arms, and don’t be afraid to reciprocate. Express your love in every situation possible, and love will come running back to you.

4. Be happy.

Do what puts a smile on YOUR face. Don’t try to please the people around you. Find a job that brings you satisfaction, that gives you purpose. Find something that makes you excited to wake up Monday morning to go to work. Surround yourself with people who put a smile on your face until your cheeks hurt, and who make you laugh until you double over. Don’t let negativity effect you. Do what makes you happy, and you’ll surpass surviving, you’ll be truly living.

5. Acceptance.

You can NOT control the world around you. You never have, and you never will. Living in a box mindset that the only way to experience life is by controlling aspects in your life is horrible! Let life take its best shot at you! Your reactions end up paving the way for your life. If you spend every minute trying to calculate the world around you, you’ll be so caught up in it you’ll forget why you’re doing that in the first place! Don’t lose sight of the goal, but let life happen to you, and don’t try to control it

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Adi K
Adi K
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