Don't Wait, Have That Beautiful Morning Now

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Why you shouldn't put off being happy.

Don't Wait, Have That Beautiful Morning Now

At my last therapy appointment, my therapist gave me a homework assignment to work on.

She told me to think about how I would describe my most beautiful morning, and then try to have that morning.

(She used life instead of the morning, but I’m going with morning with this post, and because I thought of my beautiful morning first. )

Before she went into detail as to what she wanted me to do, my mind went straight to thinking about what would make up my most beautiful morning.

For me, a beautiful morning would be waking up in my cute little condo in Las Vegas with my two Maine Coon cats.

I go outside to my backyard patio with a mug of Red Bull and my laptop, and I watch the sunrise over the lights of the Las Vegas strip as I’m working on my writing.

For me, that is a beautiful morning, and imagining it makes me feel like I wouldn’t have a care in the world while sitting outside on my patio.

Well, that’s not exactly the kind of morning my therapist was talking about.

She wanted me to think of a beautiful morning that’s realistic, then try to experience that morning.

Having my morning be a realistic one makes perfect sense, because I’m not going to wake up the next morning and suddenly be in Vegas.

Go out and have your beautiful morning.

I decided I want to try and have that beautiful morning Utah style. I may not have my own Las Vegas condo with two cats or a view of the Las Vegas strip; but what I do have is my mug of Red Bull, my laptop, a balcony in my backyard, and an okay view.

This whole therapy assignment opened my eyes and made me clue in that it’s all about putting things in perspective.

Am I bummed out that I’m not living in a condo in Vegas?

Sure, I am but I’m not going to let that get in the way of me living my best life while I’m still living with my parents in Utah.

As I said, it’s about putting things in perspective, and being happy with your life at this very moment.

Don’t wait till a certain time or till you’re in a certain place to be happy.

Let yourself be happy now and don’t worry, you’re still going to be happy when you reach that beautiful morning you have created in your mind.

As I’m writing this, two hummingbirds are flying above my head, and they are dueling each other over who gets to drink from the feeder.

And those are not the only hummingbirds I’ve seen, on this lovely beautiful morning.

There have been at least 10 hummingbirds flying around my feeder, and some even flying close to my face, those are brave little buggers.

I’m very happy that my therapist had me do this assignment since it helped me realize that I have a lot to be happy about, and to be thankful for.

I might not have the life that I want, but I do have a wonderful life with a lot of amazing people and experiences I’ve been able to have.

I’m thankful I have amazing parents who let me move back in with them and wanted me to move in as well.

I’m not trying to brag, that’s not my intention at all. All I want to do is point out things you can be and should be grateful for.

If you get yourself off the mindset that you will only be happy when you’re in a certain place like a new state, or you’ll only be happy when something happens; like when you reach a goal as in, I’ll only be happy once I lose weight, then you’ll be able to feel much better about yourself and the life you’re living since you’re not waiting for the right time to be happy.

You need to stop telling yourself you can’t be happy until something happens or when you’re where you want to be.

Start permitting yourself to be happy now, because if you can’t be happy with yourself and with your life at this very moment in time, then how do you expect to be happy once you reach your goal or when you’re where you want to be?

Most importantly, what makes you think you’ll be happy when you’re living in the city or state you want to live in, or once you reach whatever goal you have?

How do you truly know that you will be happy when the stars align, and everything is how you want it to be in your life?

If you’re not happy at this very moment in time, then you’re not going to be happy later in life.

It's true, you’re not going to be happy later in life when you expected to be happy if you’re not happy at this moment.

Your emotions will follow you throughout your journey in life, so you have the choice of how you want to feel.

Do you want to feel happy every moment in your life? Or do you want to feel miserable in your life until you reach where you want to be?

I’ve already mentioned this twice but I’m going to say it again.

It’s all about putting things in perspective if you want to be truly happy, which means learning to be happy now instead of waiting for a reason to be happy.

Life is always changing, and that means your goals in life aren’t going to constantly stay the same.

Things happen in life that could lead you down a different path than the one you had planned.

That doesn’t mean that it's a bad path to go on, it just means that you need to be open to the change whenever that arises.

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”—Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

We often approach change as if we’re approaching Frankenstein’s Monster.

We need to look at change as a new way to grow and improve our life.

Change might seem scary at first, but that only means this change is meant to happen so don’t fight it.

Learn to embrace the new changes in your life and let yourself learn and grow from them to continue to strive to be happy and to live a happy beautiful life.

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