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Do You Ever Wonder Why It's Taking So Long?


By Rahau MihaiPublished 11 months ago 5 min read

Do you ever get impatient wondering why it is taking you so long to accomplish your objectives and bring about your abundance? It's not just you.

This is one of the main concerns for a lot of folks that I've met and worked with. the worry that they will never achieve the "thing" they "truly, really" desire. They start to have all kinds of bad ideas when they "need" this item to come by a certain date and it doesn't.

negative ideas like as:

• It won't take place

• Perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

• I must be making a mistake.

• I don't get what I want, but other people do

Perhaps I should disregard this and go a another path.

These unfavorable ideas often multiply many times. If you've been acting in a substantial way throughout this period. That's in part due to the strong emphasis on action in our culture. You've probably heard statements like, "It's not worth getting if you don't work hard for it." You therefore think that in order to get this, you must work hard.

For the time being, I want you to adopt a somewhat different perspective.

There might be a number of various factors going on when things don't happen the way you want them to by the time you want them. One or more of the following causes it:

• This hasn't had enough time to materialize because of you. Things needing time to reveal are mentioned in the Laws of Gestation. A seed that is planted needs time to flourish. You can't expect to walk outside the next day, or even a week later, and see a lovely blossoming flower.

• You're not acting appropriately. People are often busy acting, even when that action may not be the optimal one at that moment. Otherwise, they may believe that it is all about keeping themselves occupied when, in fact, they are only hurling spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.

• You don't think it will really happen. Even if you're making an effort and establishing objectives, deep down you don't think it's achievable. You will attract into your life what you believe, according to the Laws of Attraction. It won't happen if you don't believe it will, therefore. People often claim to believe what they say, yet when I listen to their comments, I hear the reverse. They are essentially preventing this item from entering their lives.

• You could be worried that this will happen. The majority of you will claim it's not feasible. How is it possible to desire something so strongly and yet not want it? Here's an illustration of how this oxymoron works. Say you desire more customers for your company. However, if you simultaneously worry that you won't be able to handle additional customers, you'll unconsciously discourage others from approaching you. Subconsciously, you are preventing that money from getting to you if you want to earn more money but are scared that your friends won't like you, people would want to borrow money from you, or other things. I could provide you with several examples of how I've assisted individuals in overcoming these obstacles and altering their financial narratives.

• Your perception of yourself is another obstacle. It could be difficult to see oneself as a successful professional, for instance, if you view yourself as a struggling single mother. That is as a result of the narrative you have been telling yourself for a very long time about who you are. You've mastered the art of "robbing Peter to pay Paul," searching for bargains, and other similar skills. How easy it would be to pay your bills on time escapes you. This new sense of richness in oneself could even be unsettling. Perhaps you'll begin to think you don't deserve it. It's time to write a new narrative instead of returning the old one to the library, is my "Kateism" for that.

You can see from the reasons mentioned above that there are various reasons why you could not have what you desire by a certain time.

Another crucial point to make is that while you are in need of anything, you are also in a desperate situation. Let's face it; when you're anxious, it's extremely challenging to attract fantastic, exciting things (money, customers, chances, etc.). You are now driving the abundance away at that time.

Here are some ideas for changing to a better mode:

• Create a plan with a reasonable deadline. Wherever you can, delegate. Take constant action going forward. Take the initiative to do what you do best.

• Work on manifesting to flex your muscle of manifestation.

• Seek assistance in letting go of old memories, convictions, pessimistic ideas, anxieties, and fears so you may move forward.

Keep in mind that the universe—or whichever term you prefer—is here for more.

Absolutely nothing prevents you from achieving your goals. One thing to have in mind A popular Law of Attraction proverb is "The pleasure is in the journey." There is no sense to this if you are not enjoying the process.

We often find it challenging to undergo these changes on our own since we are unable to overcome our own obstacles. My achievement has been entirely attributed to my coaches. Please get in touch with my team to schedule a time for us to chat about hiring a coach if you're ready to do so.


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