Divine Secrets To PureLove

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Divine Secrets To PureLove Within Saying Yes To Inner Core Work

Divine Secrets To PureLove

Vibration: Truth, optimism, and faith raise the vibration you feel in your body.

Awaken: Wake-up and look at your life clearly. Begin your new path.

Move Forward: To achieve your dreams, take the risk of moving forward…despite your fear, doubt or worry.

Imagine: The first step towards manifesting what you want is to imagine it clearly to go beyond what you truly think you want in your mind and also think with your heart and soul.

Leap of Faith: It may be time to take a leap of faith to find your true self…the self that you may really not truly know… where you think “who am I really”? What am I here to do? Who is it that I am looking at in the mirror when I look? Take care of your basic needs effectively to protect your energy and find out by going deep within yourself – look- seek- meditate-go on a journey or do what you need to do to find your true self.

Trust: Trust is the foundation of ones development.

Sensitivity: Beneath our armor awaits our true self, which is deeply sensitive, and needs to find his or her self…with an open heart, mind, body, soul & spirit. Really open to your whole entire self to see the actually real you.

Grief: If you feel grief. don’t be ashamed. Let it out. Letting it out is a healthy way of letting things go and feeling more peace inside of yourself.

Choice: The future is not yet determined. Use choice to create a great life. Experience joy, laughter, peacefulness, light from within and the Universe, being connected-instead of disconnected, having true faith, embrace the life that you have with a whole new you, cherish every moment of time that you have here in this lifetime because you are unable to know how long you’ll be here, be happy and grateful for what you have in your life-there are others who most definitely have a lot less than you have- are hurting far more than you- have less food and water- less clothes- have lost more people in their lives-are living in the streets or whatever the situation maybe. Be grateful for that which you do have in your life.

Partner: true partners share core values and encourage each other to heal that which needs to be healed whether it would be their past or someone that they have lost recently or just something that needs to really be healed within them.

Desperation: desperation comes from, a fear of aloneness, guides us to compromise w/ the Divine of Strength & healing!

Decide: to decide clearly, feel your options and listen to your HigherSelf – Your true Guidance.

Connect: To truly connect with others-get and remain connected to your true self. Learn who your true self is – what does he or she want/need/deserve/love/enjoy?

Laughter: don’t forget to see the lightness in your life and laugh at the silly EGO.

Manipulated: Refuse to allow yourself to be manipulated by your Ego or another. Refuse to allow someone to take your power away from you.

Faithfulness: accept your true spiritual path- embrace that which you have deep within you – it is that knowledge that you have learned or will learn that can bring you to your destiny – your deserving life ahead of you. When you have been in a romantic relationship or family relationship or friendship that your were programmed to be what they wanted you to be or what society wanted you to be or wants you to be – You realize it’s time to find your true self- find your true path- find your true family in some cases-

sometimes that which you thought was your true family, really wasn’t there as a true family and that’s when ridding yourself of the old and in with the new you realize your true family could be someone else- friends that you have met or a spiritual family that you find.

Begin: the only way to accomplish what you’re here to do is first begin finding out who you really are, what you have deep within you, deprogramming that which is old programs, love yourself for who you really are & refuse to be what others have said you are (old programs)- seek the truth about you- the the truth about what you are here to do in this world- you can be anything- you deserve to have anything- Reprogram your mind with love, faith, hope, abundance, cherished moments, acceptance, appreciation, consideration, support, encouragement, extraordinary powerful- be UNSTOPPABLE with everything that you are. Start NOW – start TODAY!!!

Past Memory: Dig into emotional memories of the past to better understand yourself to see what is blocking you so you can truly have that deserving life that is yours & is priceless. You just need to be able to let go of all that old inner child and adolescent programming to move forward- even though it may be really painful to do. You’ll feel relief that you did- feel a lot happier of a person- you’ll feel more at peace – you’ll feel like a lighter being – things will come to you like never before that are more than anything that you experienced in this lifetime and it will be AMAZING/AWESOME/WONDERFUL& Many others of a Once In A Lifetime Experience

how to
Krystyna Milano
Krystyna Milano
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