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Discover How To Deal With The Constant Earthquakes That Will Inevitably Happen To You All The Time.

by Aurora 3 days ago in advice

A survival guide for at least two types of earthquakes

Discover How To Deal With The Constant Earthquakes That Will Inevitably Happen To You All The Time.
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Lately, sometimes in the middle of the night, I wake up with the strange sensation that an earthquake will soon happen. 

My heart and mind will quickly begin in step-by-step SOS tasks that I would do to save my family and me from the shaking earth. 

An earthquake is something splitting apart, everything, isn't it?! Literally and metaphorically.

In your life, when you are conquering something for yourself, don't you feel that sometimes some dark inferior forces try to overcome you? not precisely by direct means, but by undermining you gradually and imperceptibly, till you collapse?

Another day watching a BBC tv series on the History of Tea, a young Chinese farmer working with his father said something beautiful. He first said that he wanted to be recognized by his father and then added this excellent quote "My father is a mountain that I want to climb."

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm here building my mountain. 

But what can I do if an earthquake comes?! 

Running is an option, but I can't hide! 

So, it seems logical that to face an earthquake, the best thing to do is stand still in a safe space, waiting for the splitting apart to pass.

Or can you stop an earthquake? 

Can you stop nature? 

Can you stop life?

Now, you certainly understand the strong symbolic meaning of earthquakes, also, why lately I have been concerned with that issue so often. 

Because of that, I identify two different massive types of earthquakes.

Self-improvement earthquake

When you break old habits and old ways of looking into life, you shake all your foundations, forcing yourself to split apart, destroying the old to be open for the new!

If you decide to live consciously, this type of earthquake will happen at least once in every season of the year.

You are the mountain, and stillness is your best attribute.

Be generous with yourself; be gentle on your own, love yourself through sleeping, meditation, massages, nourishing food, and anything else that replenishes the good, but mainly, don't overdo things. Remember that the best thing to do during an earthquake is to stand still in an open and/or safe place.

Society earthquake

Everyone besides you is inside this form of an earthquake. 

Friends, partners, parents, teachers, work colleagues, bosses, politicians, religious shamans, doctors, philosophers, famous people, everyone that makes society. 

Everyone that slowly and steadily is shaking your foundations, consciously or not. 

When this happens, again, please, face it with love and stillness.

Remember that consciously or unconsciously, when one of these earthquakes begins, the best thing to do is to find a safe space. 

They might shake everything around you, even the mountain you are, but again, stand still even though you might fall, the moment to rise will come to you once more. You are a mountain. You can't exactly do anything besides being there. It's not a matter of acting cowardly; it's a matter of realizing that what is happening doesn't always need a reaction from you, or in other words, by the action inflicted upon you, your best reaction is no action.

You are the mountain! 

The mountain is born from the earth that nourishes and loves. 

If your base is small, in any earthquake you will quickly fall! 

The stronger your foundations - you already know the answer - the stronger your chances to survive.

In the Book of Changes or The I Ching, you can find the hexagram 23 - Splitting Apart, which also inspired me to write this article. Interestingly, it's also connected to the months of October and November!

While reading the hexagram, I couldn't help seeing the connections between the last refugee crisis and this new covid wave.

When we check the numerology of this hexagram: 2 is caring and loving, and 3 is innovation and problem solving; when we add both, we end up with 5, known as the master of change and going with the flow.

Writing this article made my day; yesterday, I was uninspired and facing strange doubts, but today while writing and reading, my mind was suddenly calmer, and I could feel that I was back on track.

Let's be the mountain!



I write about emotions; family matters; humor; macrobiotics; poetry; fiction; philosophy; love; wealth; grace; humor.

As a reader I love to learn something meaningful, I love to feel inspired and motivated, that’s also how I try to write.

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