Deleting your false profile from social media & awakening to your true self

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The social media platforms that encourage you to promote your faulse self, follow others & endlessly scroll through vain information.

Deleting your false profile from social media & awakening to your true self
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Soul awakening or enlightenment is part of why we are here in this ever so funny concept of life as humans. We are multidimensional beings having a human experience, we are here to learn what part of us already knows. We are here to expand our consciousness & ultimately reach our next level as a species by possibly combining the 3rd & 5th dimension.

The good news is we are awakening more & more as a collective & now is the best time for YOU to join this massive awakening & or dive deeper into your own personal journey of this incredible experience, which will enrich your life with your soul’s authenticity & unfold your inner truth.

Today we analyze how deleting your social media or at the very least, having the courage to remove your false self from it will help you awaken.

Since the outburst of social media, we have become glued to our screens more than ever, encouraged extreme insecurity, bred narcissistic behavior & extreme inauthenticity to the collective. We have dangerously exposed ourselves & allowed ourselves to become clones & cyborgs — after all we are human beings, & mirroring is in our nature. Through social media, we are doing exactly that, we are mirroring each-others behaviors from our false selves.

We have completely lost touch of not only who we are, but also what we are.

Elon Musk says ‘’We’re already a cyborg’’ He continues ‘’You have a digital version of yourself, a partial version of yourself online in the form of, your emails, your social media & all the things that you do’’.

This partial version of ourselves was created by our individual ego; the false self — & we feed that self with the dopamine high we get from each selfie, comment or post & each like that comes with it.

We follow millions of other people we probably will never meet or speak to, people who have little to no significands or value in our lives & people who are doing things or acting in very similar & more than often, in harmful ways. We are mirroring inauthentic behavior, feeding our egos & becoming more & more distant with our true selves & the universal truth as a collective.

Now before you get offended, please know that I’m fully aware of how great social media can be in terms of business & of all the arguments that come with it. Please understand that I am referring to the very dangerous effect it has on us as individuals & as a society when we create a space to entertain, promote & mirror our egos. This is not meant to offend anyone, but rather encourage you to think about maybe removing who you think you are from social media & perhaps to take the courage to expose the true wonderful authentic self that lies deep within you.

We have done the exact opposite of social medias purpose; we have become more disconnected than ever.

– What is the ego?

The ego is that false self I keep mentioning. The part of the human mind that sleazily acts like a ‘’peace maker’’ between the conscious and the subconscious, the ‘’I’’ part of each individual, the ‘’me’’, that false afraid self that likes to test the waters between reality, fiction & poor gold on our personal identity.

Carl Gustav Jung & Winnicott, some of our world’s greatest psychoanalyst, have taught us that if we solely live through our false selves by wearing our egos masks, we let ourselves down, become deeply depressed & leave no room to explore our inner truth; the part of us that is connected to love, authenticity, light etc.

Social media profiles encourage our egos/ false selves to dangerously expand. We hide behind a screen, safely posting opinions we have mirrored from others who have mirrored from others. With our photo shopped pictures in our non-natural lighting, in our edited backgrounds. All the attention goes to this false self, this complete fake persona that we share with the world & most of the time we don’t know how to keep up with — because it’s not who we truly are.

Think about it, how often do you scroll through your social media page & spot an individual who is truly happy & authentic at once? True there are some out there indeed, but exceptions don’t make the rules. And if you find someone that appears happy & living some fairytale lifestyle, truly use your critical thinking to question if whether or not that persona is real, because now days anyone can create a fake lifestyle or a perfect image with just a bit of editing. Furthermore, studies show that the truly successful & happy individuals don’t feel the need to advertise their success & happiness but rather spread their knowledge of how they achieved that in order to help others.

‘’If you are happy with yourself & proud of your own results, you don’t need anyone else to know about what you’ve produced’’ — Sinem Günel

And the good news is that once you awaken, you won’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone & absolutely nothing in this world can bother you or remotely get to you, you become shielded with light

— You can become bullet proof.

Let’s explore just a few things that happen when you remove ‘’yourself’’ from these platforms:

You will experience more of ‘’real time’’ aka ‘’the present’’:

Real time, is present time. When you spend as much time on social media as most people do, make a post or scroll through peoples ‘’lives’’, you naturally wait for a response, a reaction or a ‘’like’’. You get caught up in searching for further & future validation from others, or worse, you anticipate a new post by someone you’ve been living vicariously through from a screen. You get caught up in a world of what’s mostly if not all, false information, wrong expectations & you get trapped comparing or competing with other people’s superficialities. This leaves you with no space to experience the present moment, to sit with yourself in the now & explore how you truly feel, what your values & ‘’likes’’ really are & who YOU are as an individual. Part of the journey to a souls awakening is living in the present moment.

— Try it! It can be challenging for most people, but so very rewarding to all.

You will find out who is meant to be in your life & who is simply not:

Chances are, those thousands of people you scroll through, have little to no purpose in your life, you might not ever speak to or even ever see these people in person. When you remove that self from social media, you begin to see who really matters, who will really come through to your text or email or phone call when you truly need them, as appose to a 2' reply by commenting on how you feel, or a 60 second hit of an emoji; it’s robotic & therefore soulless. I’ll never forget what an older woman said to me in Greek years ago at a bus stop as I was staring at my phone while having a conversation with her, something I find incredibly rude now, but as a 14 year old in a Greek village that just discovered Facebook; I was glued in! She stated that ‘’us kids’’ spend too much time on our phones. Quote ‘’ Τα μυνίματα που κοιτάζεται εσείς οι νέοι ασταμάτητα κόριτσι μου είναι αψύχα, απολύτος αψύχα’’. Which translates to ‘’The messages you youngsters keep checking on your screens my girl, are soulless, completely soulless’’. The word ‘’soulless’’ rang through my body like a good adrenaline rush; it was my soul agreeing.

Part of the journey to awakening is letting go of what that which does not serve you, including people.

Your health improves:

Studies show that people who deleted their social media also remarkably reduced their levels of cortisol; the mane hormone responsible for stress. A study by the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 found that by reducing all social media for just 30’ per day significantly reduced levels of anxiety, depression, loneliness, sleep problems & FOMO. There are countless statements online about how much happier people are after removing themselves from these social media platforms.

Imagine if you removed that not so true aspect of you from these platforms, or if you quit all together. Imagine what it could do to your personal growth & conscious expansion. Now take it a step further & imagine if you had the courage to completely remove your false self, take time to discover who you are & then posted your true self, the part of you that is YOU & not a mirrored image of what is trendy & what we have created as ‘’like’’ worthy. Imagine what that would do for your soul’s health & confidence.

Improving your overall health is essential for your awakening!

On that note: You allow yourself to get to know itself; it’s true self

It’s no surprise that the majority of people have no idea who they are, even after awakening, it’s highly likely that you become lost & confused once the euphoria fades away, you might even experience an identity crisis, because you will realize that you are not the image you have tried so hard to keep up with through your Instagram or Facebook page for example, but rather this image is a result of your false ego self, which was been shaped & conditioned by your upbringing, societies expectations, your environmental influences & much more. By removing ourselves from these platforms that encourage us to create & constantly live by our false image, we allow ourselves space to reconnect & get to know ourselves. This might be painful to a lot of people, because a lot of us are so incredibly disconnected with who we are, we can’t stand simply spending time with ourselves. We must allow ourselves to experience this discomfort & allow ourselves to discover what we are, in order to experience our souls awakening.

You have more control over what you are exposed to & what you are exposing — WE THE PEOPLE Take back some of that power: it’s incredibly powerful on a collective level of awakening.

We are social creatures of habit & again, it’s in our nature to mirror behaviors, by removing yourself from social media, you have more control on what your brain is exposed to & what you are exposing about yourself!

You experience a whole new world; the real world!

Even after Edward Snowden exposed that the government has access to every detail we ever search, most of us completely missed point ‘’Oh! I have nothing to hide’’ we stated — that’s literally everything btw! Every dirty little thing you ever Googled, every naked picture you send to your partner, every breakdown you ever had online, every drug dealer you ever contacted as a teenager…or an adult - It’s all there in a large file with your name on it.

Even if you don’t have anything to hide, what’s so dangerous is that they completely manipulate your access to online information & even worse, they use this against you by controlling what information you consume on a daily basis. Your phone isn’t showing you the same ads as the person sitting next to you on a train, you don’t have the same algorithms. How many times were you having a conversation about something & a bit later you checked your ‘’smart’’ phone & it showed you advertisement about what you were discussing? Just look at how far this has gone in 2020, a whole lot of people are afraid & we are actually more divided than ever.

Andrew Wilson states in his awesome article:

‘’10 Arguments why you should delete your social media’’, quote: ‘’ Content is chosen & ads are customized to you, and you don’t know how much has been changed for you, or why… This is an epochal development. The version of the world you are seeing is invisible to the people who misunderstand you and vise versa’’.

I believe it was the great Greek poet & author- George Seferis said that: ‘’ The biggest distance between people, is misunderstanding’’

These social media platforms have allowed others to control how & what we think, what we ‘’like’’ & don’t ‘’like’’ when & why we feel insecure or afraid — they essentially decides for us, as we ‘’follow’’ all these false personas & mirror others opinions & behaviors.

After I was exposed to this information a few years ago I found myself obsessed with trolling the data on my devices, trying my best to confuse the algorithms, I started liking things I don’t really like, writing one thing & then writing another, I removed myself from social media, I started hiding my phone & laptops camera with a sticker, I was very young & became deeply angry, appalled & bitter, I felt violated — A lot of crazy things happened after my awakening & what’s so amazing about reaching this state is that none of those feelings matter.

When you awaken or reach enlightenment, your false self disappears, the mask of the ego fades essentially creating you in a God/Goddess walking on Earth. Food tastes out of this world; ironically, you manifest literally anything you can possibly think off into your 3D reality, time pauses, fear eliminates itself,you lift the vail into the spiritual realm, you become unstoppable, material becomes unimportant, you will be filled with joy, appreciation & profound understanding that everything & everyone is connected, you gain an indescribable amount of knowledge as the universe begins to reveal its secrets to you — It feels like you are fully functioning on the best quality of ecstasy & you want everyone to feel what you are feeling. No words in any human language can describe the blissful experience of simply existing once you have reached your soul awakening.

Take back your power by understanding that you are far more than a profile & whatever this persona is on your social media page; better yet, discover you have a power! Spend time to connect with yourself, with your true self in all its glory, in all its pain & flaws, join the thousands of others who removed themselves from that digital false reality & allow that void to be filled with & explored by the unlimited amount of power of your own authentic essence.

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