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My self growth & peace of mind comes before being apart of a community that doesn't serve me any justice.

I know you probably first hand looking at the title some of you are thinking "Is she telling us to delete Facebook"? No I am not. I will never do that. Of course if you decide to delete your account I will definitely be in the crowd cheering you on, lol.

The purpose of this blog post is to enlighten you on my journey to a more minimalist lifestyle after deleting my Facebook account.

Facebook was founded if I'm not mistaken in 2004 but I didn't make my account until the summer of 2009 literally right before I was about to go off to college. I was able to get acquainted with my soon to be roommate. The social media network was originally created for college students to network. Overtime as the platform grew Facebook seem to not only be a community for former college peers but also family and your hometown community.

At first Facebook was a fun way to catch up with former college classmates and high school peers but after a while it became toxic. The mindset seemed to be very close minded, especially if you are someone who thinks outside the box. I didn't feel I was getting much inspiration remaining on the platform. Everyone was just starting to become negative from the petty memes, the complaining on the statuses, and openly telling their personal business that nobody really gives a sh*t about. Don't get me started on the hometown popularity contests and people i've seen up there who were seeking validation from people who probably would never call to see how you are doing.

The connections started to to not be genuine anymore. As technology started to rise I noticed people really became more anti-social on social media.

Crazy right?

Just because they are on your friends list don't mean they really are your friend.

I really remember when I first got on Facebook that my newsfeed wasn't overwhelming. Now it is just overly cluttered with not only negative posts but sponsored ads that serve you not justice. It is just too much for me to deal with.

As I became more serious with building my brand let alone just what I want out of life I felt I didn't "fit in" with the energy of Facebook.

All the time I was wasting scrolling I could have been using towards self growth let alone contributing to building my craft.

I weren't about to keep that happening so what did I do?

For the past two years off and on I went through random spurts of deactivating my account.

I noticed I wasn't missing out on anything. If anything I was missing out on getting all my goals accomplished wasting my time on Facebook. I got to a point where I asked myself "Why am I even up here ?". It's funny how in the midst of when I was deactivating my Facebook I had random friends message me asking me am I okay? I am more than okay I am great because I refuse to get sucked into a realm that is interfering with my level of productivity.

I really feel for people who never even had a Facebook account because I am sure people will look at you crazy because you refuse to get caught up on a platform that is really emotionally draining you. When in actuality us people who signed up with the platform are the crazy ones for even dealing with the negativity and nonsense till this day.

Without Facebook, life goes on.

If anything it gets better.

It did get better.

In August of this year around my birthday I actually I took it upon myself to delete my Facebook account.

Good riddens.

I had same feeling as when I deactivated my account. I weren't missing out on anything. Mentally, physically, creatively, and spiritually I have been evolving and expanding more than I ever have.

I am not going back.

I honestly can't believe I wasted so much unnecessary time on a platform that wasn't contributing to my growth.

I have witnessed people I was once close to waste their whole life, dreams, and aspirations fooling around with Facebook.

No offense but I just can't be that person.

Even the ex-president of Facebook even admitted to the platform being designed to being addicting.

I compare the addiction of Facebook to the matrix. Once you are sucked in they pretty much got you.

The multiple testimonies on Youtube and forums have inspired me to making this decision. I happened to be a guest on Youtuber Tre-Vann Rashad channel discussing our opinions on Facebook. Check out below.

Overtime I have came to realize as cliche as it sounds time really is precious and you can't get it back.

Yeah some of my supporters on Facebook won't be seeing my post anymore unless they decide to follow me on another social media platform but at the end of the day I had to do what is best for me.

I know any social media platform can be toxic depending on who you decide to follow but this is just my personal testimony.

I hope my story can inspire others to chose their peace of mind over being apart of community that is doing them more harm than good.

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Chynna Ken
Chynna Ken
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