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Dear Two Thousand and Twenty One

by Meagan A. Culberson about a year ago in goals
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Here's to a better New Year

Dear Two Thousand and Twenty One,

I have so much hope for you, so much excitement. Last year wasn’t very good to me, it really wasn’t good to anyone. Everyone was affected in some way and we all feared the deadly virus that was responsible for our 9 months of solitude. However, I was taught many lessons. I learned how to value myself and walk away from situations that no longer served me. I learned how to properly communicate my emotions and I became more spiritually connected while working on my physical and mental health. I even got into crystals and meditation, which helped me to maintain my peace.

I have so many plans this year and believe me, I have had plenty of time to properly outline them. This year, I will get that job I’ve been working towards at the salary that I feel is commensurate to my skill set and talents. I’m going to take better control of my finances and properly budget my expenses. I’ll continue to practice patience with myself and shower myself with self love, while working diligently on my blog, creating content that will inspire and encourage other women. And I’ll be more health conscious, conforming to a more plant based lifestyle.

With all my new goals, there must be a strategic and realistic plan. If I want to manifest amazing things into my life this year and the years to come, I must be willing to do the work that is necessary in order to achieve them. So, I’ve decided to write them down and create a vision board so I can be constantly reminded of them.

New Job

As I mentioned, last year taught me when to walk away from situations that were no longer serving me. Although, I learned so much from previous job and I will always be grateful for the opportunity, I let it go when I realized I wasn’t being compensated equally to my male counterpart.

I realized that if I let myself stay in a situation that didn’t respect me enough to treat me equally than I would never truly understand my value and recognize my worth.

So, I let it go and in turn have been manifesting a position that will teach me the skills I need in order to become the version of my highest self. I am practicing interview questions, researching companies while learning what contributions they are making and the impact they have on society. I am sharpening my skills and keeping myself to a schedule that I know I will need to maintain once I land the gig. Additionally, I’m keeping my mind at ease, telling myself that I already have my desires, I am just physically preparing for it to make it’s way to me.


I have never been really great at budgeting, which is a bit of a shocker seeing that I grew up with such a budget Nazi, my mother. She would always stress the importance of creating one and sticking to it, but I just never really took it into account. It wasn’t until I left my job that I was forced to take a hard look at my finances and create a budget. It’s the part of adulting that I never really wanted to face. The thought of money always put me in an anxious state and when I walked from my primary source of income, I didn’t have it coming in as frequently as before. However, I’m no longer allowing myself to operate in fear and once I let that fear go, money began to flow to me. So many opportunities came my way and it was time that I managed my expenses better.

I am a true believer that if you can’t properly maintain what you have then God/The Universe won’t give you the abundance you desire.

This year, I’m going to continue sticking to a budget and paying for things in cash as much as possible. It’s easier to swipe a card, but so hard to let go of physical dollar bills. I have cut back on all of the subscriptions that I no longer need and said goodbye to my daily coffee trips. I created a savings goal using the SMART criteria and once I hit my goal I will be treating myself to something nice. This hasn’t been easy and requires a lot of discipline on my part but I am certain that I will achieve my goal because I can visualize myself in the state of being financially free.


I really took a hard look at my physical and mental well being last year, as I am sure many people did. I learned more about chakras and different ways to heal myself from within. Meditation became a daily ritual and it really helped me to be more present in everyday life and to stop worrying as much about the future. Becoming more active helped me release unwanted energy and get out of my own head. I even reduced my meat consumption and noticed a huge difference in how I felt. This year, I am continuing all of the habits I developed last year to maintain a healthier me and surrounding myself around people who are on similar paths so that I have the support to hold me accountable.

I have come to the realization that this year is about putting application to everything I learned in 2020. I am not expecting everything to be easy, I know that I will have to continue to preserver. However, I’m no longer looking back and will just continue to face forward. Last year I gained my strength and this year I’m taking back my power.


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Meagan A. Culberson

Meagan A. Culberson is the creator of the lifestyle website A platform that encourages single women to build a better relationship with themselves. Additionally, she is an aspiring producer focusing on diverse stories.

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