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Dear Society, We need to do better.

Like seriously.

By c h y n n a 𝓀𝑒𝓃. πŸŒ…Published 2 years ago β€’ 4 min read

It is probably best for me to put a disclaimer "just in case" someone decides to get offended by my opinion because that is what normally happens in the 2020 era right?

Disclaimer: No I am not calling anyone out. Well at least not nobody in particular. I am however calling us all out. When I say "us" I mean "We" as society.

I feel the energy of this world is getting a bit out of hand.

I think we can all agree that the energetic chaos is stimming from not only adjusting to the new norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic but also what is constantly being thrown in our face with the media.

Even though certain things are put in our faces we do have control over what we are constantly entertaining.

With so many social media apps that are out and pretty much 99% of societies lives are controlled through their smartphones I think we can all agree that this is a very influential decade we are living in.

When I say influential I mean by

we as society don't have a mind of our own.

we as society are influenced by each other's thoughts.

Social media is only entertainment. It is not that deep. Just inspire, enjoy and spread good vibes. Debating with people we don't know and probably only have less than a five percent chance of actually meeting in real life is it really worth wasting time out of your schedule going back and forth with when we could be doing more productive things with our lives? You know like self development and/or growth. We as society struggle to be our true selves because we are afraid of being judged or "cancelled". Who are we to cancel anybody? If ten people eat apples and that eleventh person eats an orange we are seriously going to cancel the person who prefers to eat an orange ?

Celebrity worship. We all probably know one person who takes this to another level even though you probably don't want to call them out on it because you don't want to "hurt their feelings". When in actuality you not telling them this isn't right, it's actually encouraging toxic behavior. Nothing wrong with being inspired by a celebrity whether it is through their fashion or music or let alone if listening to a particular artist got you out a dark time in your life. That's what's up that's cool. The real problem stems from when allll you talk about is that celebrity 24/7 365 and/or keeping tabs with a celebrities business when you should be focusing on your own self growth. It not only can come off as being highly annoying to the people around you but it also shows that you lack identity in yourself. You don't know who you are if you are always living your life through someone else's'. Let's be honest with ourselves these celebrities don't know us. People keep up so much with the Kardashians that they can't even keep up with their own life. Don't get me started on people who go all in shouting out a celebrity but won't do the same for people who they actually know that are actually trying to make it out here.

Flaunting being low vibrational. I know everyone has seen the infamous caption memes that say things on the lines of "I'm anti-social"..yet bragging about how anti social you are i'm petty", "No new friends", or something long thought out quote that you can just tell whoever posted it is trying to get back at someone. They didn't see your post or maybe they did. Regardless, drink more water, sleep better, read a book. Elevate your life. Ask yourself what is self fulfilling out of lowering your energy ?

Praising mediocrity but frowning upon complex thinking and alternative way of living. Why is that anyone who is living outside the norm of their peers looked at like they are odd ? Shouldn't we be applauding those who are going against the grain of what society is telling us what we should be doing? It seems as though everyone is starting to look alike. Especially on these social media apps its a bit annoying enough when people are constantly jumping on every trend known to man for validation. Where is the originality? Everyone is screaming "be different", "don't follow the crowd" but when you are that person who doesn't follow the crowd you are looked at as an outkast? People side eye you, your brand because it doesn't look like everyone else on a pinterest inspiration board. Yet we all continue to say be yourself.

Oh and regards to complex thinking why do we brush off people who are trying to put us on game about what is going on in the world? Is it going to kill you to quit scrolling on social media for a few minutes to hear some real knowledge on how to save our planet before it gets any more f*cked up than it is now! Your favorite celebrities post is always going to be there unless they decide to delete it and in that case if they do delete it just weren't meant for you to see. It's not the end of the world.

I can go on and on about this because it's a never ending cycle. I'm sure there is a lot more I could add to this rant.

Guess what though.

It all starts with each of us individually looking at ourselves in the mirror fixing ourselves before we can make this world a better place.

I wholeheartedly feel before any action gets into place our mindset has to be at a better place to as a whole.

I mean really what REALLY MATTERS? The worship? The validation? Or the evolved mindset of humanity?

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