How to Be Confident Through Your Personal Hygiene Habits

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Your hygiene habits have a tremendous effect on how you look and feel.

How to Be Confident Through Your Personal Hygiene Habits

Taking care of yourself and allotting a few hours a week for self-care has a direct correlation with your confidence. Everybody has those times where your hair has a mind of its own. You spill coffee on your shirt before 10 am, and you might have forgotten to put on deodorant. This may sound like the beginning of a disastrous day, but if you start taking advantage of the following recommendations, you are sure to be looking your best, even when you feel your worst.

Choose Your Hair Products Wisely

Take the texture and pattern of your hair into consideration when deciding on the products you use on your hair. Tailoring your hair care routine based on your specific needs is the best way to ensure your locks are always looking fabulous. If you have thinning hair or are looking to add some length, you may consider choosing a shampoo for hair growth. Not only do you want to use fitting products in the shower, but you also want to protect your hair when it's dry. If you are one to blow dry your hair or use other styling tools regularly, make sure you are applying a good heat protectant to avoid damaging your follicles. You may also benefit from a weekly hair mask to give your mane the extra shine and strength you've always wanted.

Always Have Backup

It's not a bad idea to keep spare hygiene products around the house, in your car or at your place of work. For those days you may have forgotten to brush your teeth or decided to have onions for lunch, an extra toothbrush will come in handy. No one has to know that the day has gotten the best of you, and an extra layer of antiperspirant was needed, so long as you have an alternative. A small hairbrush can be helpful on a windy day, and a sample-size perfume or cologne is always nice to have for a quick freshen up.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Make sure you are making your dental appointments every six months to check on your oral health and get an idea of the best items to use on your teeth. Your dentist can also give you professional advice on the best way to keep your teeth white and glowing. There are many at-home whitening treatments you can use to your advantage, but it is always best to run it past your doctor. Going to visit the dentist never ends up at the top of your to-do list, but there are many great benefits to having a routine cleaning. Not to mention, a smile is a powerful weapon to have at your disposal.

Wash Your Sheets Regularly

It is recommended to throw your linens in the wash weekly. As disgusting as it sounds, there is an unimaginable amount of dead skin cells and allergens that build up in your bedsheets. Washing them in hot water every week will not only save you from dust mites but may also drastically improve the texture of your skin. Sleeping on a clean pillowcase, along with a solid skincare routine, can help fight unwanted breakouts and clogged pores.

Keeping up with sanitation around the house and focusing on changing your habits will result in a more confident you. This newfound certainty can then lead to more success in your love life, in the workplace and with friends and family. You may be surprised by how small adjustments in your life can lead to drastic improvements. If you are willing to devote a few moments of your week to spoil yourself, you will not be disappointed with your health and well-being. More often than not, self-prosperity takes the back burner to a busy life full of relationships that are important to you. Don't feel guilty about having a little you time.

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Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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