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Comfortable After Covid

How do we get back to being comfortable after Covid?

By FRECKLES AND LEMONADE Published about a year ago 5 min read
Comfortable After Covid
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In the wake of Covid, we have all been reminded that life is fragile. Some of you who are reading this may have lost a loved one during the pandemic, and I apologize for your loss. Having them gone is hard. Suddenly, everything feels different again. What can we do to get back to feeling comfortable after COVID?

A lot has changed since then not just for those who have lost someone during covid or caught it themselves. We’ve come together as a community that offers supports not matter what your needs may be. As hard times always seem to follow sadness there is one thing we should always remember and that's to keep moving forward.

The pandemic has caused all of us to become afraid but how do we get back to our normal lives without catching covid or letting the traumatic events that happened during this time have an everlasting impact on our lives. How do we go on?

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The loss is heartbreaking for many people who’ve lost someone close. It’s hard for me personally as well. I too experienced a loss when my mother passed away. Losing my mother during Covid has been especially tough knowing she will never see her grandchildren grow up into such important people in this world.

As I sit alone with my thoughts day after endless day, knowing that I’ll never see her again. It can feel lonely and overwhelming. So I write.

Writing posts like these allows me to express my true feelings without judgement or fear. As a result, others feel that they are not alone when going through their own personal trials. You’re allowed to open up about what’s on your mind.

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In recent Studies throughout the decades there have been some amazing studies on how writing affects your thoughts.

Writing has a positive effect on people who are grieving according to research from Utrecht University. “They worry less and experience less loneliness.”

How do we get comfortable after Covid-19?

It’s a question many of us are asking ourselves right now. How do we get back to our normal lives after the pandemic? I don’t have any easy answers, but I think it’s important that we try to find ways to move on. We can’t let this tragedy define us. We need to remember the good things too.

The moments of joy and happiness that make life worth living. I think it starts with small steps. Reconnecting with friends and family, spending time in nature and doing things that make us happy. This is going to take some time but eventually we’ll all get back to our normal lives.

Here are a few tips on how to make the transition a little easier:

Slow down and take your time. Don’t try to do too much too soon.

Reach out to your friends and family members for support. Join an online community that offers support, advice and friendship. Medium is a great place for that.

Take some time for yourself, and relax in whatever way you enjoy most. Maybe read a book, take a walk in nature, or listen to your favorite music.

Be patient and give yourself some time to adjust. It won’t happen overnight, but eventually you’ll feel like yourself again.

Just like everything else in life, we got comfortable during Covid because we had to. There was no other choice. We couldn’t keep living in fear and anxiety, always feeling like we were one step away from disaster. We had to find a way to cope, to live with the new normal. And so we did.

Anytime there’s a major global event, it’s natural for people to feel heightened levels of anxiety. The current situation with Covid-19 is not different. While it’s important to take precautions and stay informed, it’s also important not to let your anxiety get the best of you.

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A good way to do that is to limit your exposure to news and social media. It’s easy to become glued to your phone or tablet, constantly refreshing the news in hopes of getting more information. But this can actually increase your anxiety level and you can feel even more out of control. One of the things I had to practice myself.

If you’re finding it hard to move forward after Covid, just remember that you’re not alone in feeling this way. Many people are struggling with similar issues( myself included). Importantly try to focus on the positive things in your life, no matter how small they may be.

Always remember

Covid-19 has forced us to confront our fears and mortality. It’s natural to feel a range of emotions after such an event, but it is important that we do not let the fear immobilize us.We need to remember that we are all in together and that we can overcome anything as long as we work together. The best way to get to being comfortable after is to recommit ourselves to living our living with purpose and compassion. Let’s honor those who have passed by continuing to live our lives in the ways they would wanted us to. What will you do today to make yourself more comfortable?

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It is okay to be afraid. Fear is a natural response to the unknown, but we cannot let it stop us from moving forward. We must remember that we are not alone in this journey. There are many people who are willing and ready to help us get back to our comfortable lives.

As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. If you have lost someone or suffered through something due to Covid-19. I apologize for your pain. Things will get better if you stay positive.

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Freckles and Lemonade is a Writer, Creative Thinker and Content Creator of many sorts. She loves to use her talents to help others find their light. Writing has always been a passion of hers.

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