Colour Scales

by Jax Raven 12 months ago in happiness

A Home Run

Colour Scales

Every now & then life throws a curve ball at you.

You plod on with acceptance and knowledge that not changing the status quo is the right thing to do. You see the thing with this mentality is that you loose your self. Your drive, ambition, even who you are. Its such a slow & gradual process you don’t even realise. The gas is barely feeding the light. The life of colour you once had has turned to grey.

The grey, slowly but surely becomes your world. Its the scale you now live by. The scraps & bones chucked at you seem like brilliant white flashes. White flashes of string that are just long enough to perceive your freedom, that you’re on the right track that the scale can even be perceived in colour. Those random nights out, the odd night of passion, a bitter sweet glimpse through a window too the life of colour you’ve always wanted.

Then one day you wake up and the printers broke. You check the leads and the paper but everything’s fine. Like an epiphany you realise the cartridge is empty. You reach for the norm, the black cartridge. That little voice of valour suddenly screams FUCK THAT. You stop bolt dead in your tracks. The winds of change stir inside from the pit of your stomach. Gathering speed and momentum as it literally bursts from your soul.

The explosion is life changing. The tornado rips through your life causing anarchy. The rain of colour it brings is refreshing like the first downpour of summer. All the time you’re stood in the eye in complete serenity watching the grey dissolve into a technicolour of possibilities. Realistic, all you ever wanted, actual fucking possibilities.

You’re naturally scared but for the first time ever it excites you. It ignites an inner strength you never knew existed. It builds and swells and creates a warmth and comfort you had totally forgotten. it rises & accelerates until its no longer contained. That first step taken into the whirlpool of colour is euphoria personified. The phoenix has risen. The curve ball is with in you’re reach.

You catch it. You’re world stops. In full, unaltered rose tinted glass. Time has stopped making you focus on the descending calm. Seconds turn into years, years into minutes, minutes into a lifetime. There is no concept of time here. You begin to focus on that beacon of light. The tunnel of greys has dissolved into the life of colour you’ve always wished for.

You embrace it, relish it, it invigours your very essence. The first steps are the hardest don’t get me wrong but its cool. Life goes on, you’re nearly there. Then you see it. You’ve made it. You are who you are and the realisation of that is beyond reassuring. Peace, total effortless. You are now on YOUR road of discovery. Do you know why?

Because of that curve ball. You are the batsman that has smashed it out the park. But never forget the pitcher. The pitcher is more important than you will ever know, the pitcher threw the curve ball. Just let that sink in . . . . . . . . . . . .

And always remember, there’s always tomorrow

From me to you,

Me xXx

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