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by Mike Owczarek 7 months ago in self help
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5 Lessons That Spark Me Like 5 Cups

On the agenda right now is to write a piece for Vocal, so here we go. I’ll write about the past hour and a half, which spans over a week, and as always in life, a lifetime.

I left the house knowing that I had a couple things to do before streaming my first Mobility Unlocked class at 5pm.

I was in search of a coffee shop and Wi-Fi. The Coffee Potter was always in the back of my mind, and I have been before but never to sit down and do work. My first three options were by Gold’s Gym where I would do my class.

The culprits: three other chain coffee/café spots. They all have WIFI, as far as I know, and they have coffee. With all due respect though, they weren’t exactly what I was looking for at the time. What I wanted the whole time was an extra 10 minutes away from me.

Lesson 1 for me: Go with my gut

I used to spend so much time debating a decision and weighing options. Recently, I learned that there is NO right option. Going with one of those first 3 would have been a right option, and so is The Coffee Potter. There would have been positives and negatives. No sense in dwelling on outcomes when I haven’t even immersed yet. So, first thing is heading up the hill and immersing in The Coffee Potter.

Lesson 2 for me: The extra dollar lost is not as valuable as the experience gained

I used to be very cognizant of the dollars I spent. Living in the city, and even Hoboken, I find myself scrapping for pennies. Now by no means am I living with a more substantial abundance of money, but I am being abundant with what I spend it on. One of the things I do less of, alcoholic drinks. I substituted it with better and more coffee. It’s not just about the coffee though. It’s more so about the enriching experiences. While typing away at this, I have great music helping me type away, kind energetic people working away near me, and a lady to the left of me that has caught my eye.

Will I make the move? Should I? I’ll go by gut feeling. And if anything epic happens, I will be sure to write away again. Tbd.

Lesson 3 for me: Take off my sneakers

After I finished task #1, created my class for the first session in an hour and a half, I went outside to go for a walk. Mid-October and the weather is beautiful. I want to the back of the coffee shop to get some stretching and strengthening in. Push-ups, back-bends, and knee drives to get the blood flowing. I knew there was one more thing to do because I started doing it yesterday, and it is called Grounding.

I’ve seen this before on the documentary, Down to Earth with Zac Efron and Darin Olien (highly recommend) and it caught my attention because of its simplicity and impact. Then yesterday, a new client, more importantly friend, Eric, told me about Grounding.

Day 2, new ground under my feet, I had to take of my shoes and do some down dogs, up dogs, and grounding. It is said to give major regenerative benefits. There is a science behind it that even goes into the whole earth’s rotation, magnetic field, but I am not even going to attempt to go into all that. Moral of the story, being more in tune with earth through touch has led me to be more in tune with myself and relaxed me. Which brings me to 4.

Lesson 4: Inhale

Taking a deep breath. On the way to my search for a coffee shop I was starting to get anxiety with some made-up problem of how I now live somewhere that I must drive an extra ten minutes to get coffee. Like imagine? This is a problem? The truth is though there are times that issues arise, problems happen, but for the most part and almost all the time, they are thoughts created in our head. I know I can step back and apply perspective to better get a grasp of the situation, and I know that we are all capable of this.

The key is to take that first step, and that first step is a deep breath in. Why? Because this is something that we can control. If we feel like I/we can’t control something else, at least I/we can start with a breath in that we can control. This ultimately brings life to the situation at hand. Then when this is done, and the moment is present, there is one last thing to do that I’ll write about.

Lesson 5: Exhale

We made it. We did it. I am in it. You are in it. A lot is occurring throughout this thing called life and each occurrence is building our mindset. So, to the powerful mindset that continues to be built upon, an exhale is well and always deserved.

Thank you for hopping on this journey with me. Now time to get my class on. Too hype for another coffee ha!

Large (finished) Lavender Latte w/ Oat Milk at The Coffee Potter

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