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Cloudy days

by Rebecca Carmen 4 months ago in healing · updated 4 months ago
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But the suns still shines

This is a letter meant for people who have been the voice of reason for someone who needed it; whether it was in a big way or a small way. I'm thankful for you, and I hope this helps bring some peace for the days it gets hard to be strong.

Dear you,

Heavy is the heart that wears the crown, isn't it? A crown you can't touch, but still feel, along with the obstacles you're constantly having to overcome adding more weight upon your shoulders. I just wanted to let you know something really quick because I know it’s something you don’t always hear, but thank you. Thank you for staying when you wanted to give up. For being stubborn, and always searching for the silver lining. I know you appreciate everything you have learned, but if there's any chance the pain behind those lessons begins to overwhelm you, I need you to know I'm thankful you exist. You have found ways to rise in the darkness and use it to fuel what you create. I'm thankful that you can shine your light on someone's path when they need help finding their own. I know being so self aware can be exhausting, aware of how many times you've betrayed yourself for the greater good. I know it hurts when you realize it, but you ARE amazing. You are beautiful. You are meant to be here. I know life hasn't been easy or fair - or even given you a chance to catch your breath - but you are so strong. Your resilience is incredible, your mind is incredible, your heart is incredible. I also want you to know your vulnerability is one of the most beautiful things about you. When you're ready, it is okay to find comfort and safety in another person.

Titlow Beach, Wa.

When gloomy days come and cloud your vision, remember that everything is meant for us and not to us. Some days it's going to feel like there isn't a single person who will understand how deep your emotions go, so try your hardest to find the love and compassion to embrace them and let them help you. The waves of your emotions are going to be rough, but smooth seas never made a skilled sailor. Trust yourself to know that when you let go, your waters will baptize and transform you. On the days the sun doesn't shine bright enough, I hope you look forward to the days that it will. Sometimes we forget flowers need the rain in order to grow. The seeds you plant today will be the flowers that will bloom, and create a new color to create with. Take this time to heal and replenish your cup, because you know your comeback is going to be stronger than before. You saved you - from your destruction, your rage, your sadness, your grief, your pain. You found the balance and wisdom that comes from chaos. Take your worries and fears and give them to the sky, let her cry for you. Let her wash over your soul and cleanse everything that isn't meant for you.

I want you to know that your vulnerability was never a weakness; showing up authentically was never a mistake. Trust me, I get it's caused you a lot of pain, but remember! You had the strength to shine your light, to be who you truly are. When you're faced with people who don't have the same heart as you, never feel like you're anything less than deserving. When you're ready, and you can find it in your heart to forgive not only them but yourself. Forgive yourself for being human. Your mind wants to teach you, and your heart wants to protect you. I promise you, it's okay be calm. It's okay to feel safe. You don't need to wage a war internally out of fear of losing who you are. Give yourself a break. The only person in a rush is you. Let yourself feel the coolness in the wind, or sit under a tree to watch the leaves fly.

There's one thing I hope you find: peace. The peace to be present without fearing for the future or looking back at the past. The peace to let people leave as easily as they entered. The peace that unites all the parts you had to divide yourself into in order to overcome. You have made someone's life easier, because all they needed in that exact moment was to be seen and heard. To know their pain is a real thing, and it matters. Your pain matters, and you matter. When it feels like you can't shine your light, allow others to replenish you. Don't convince yourself you're bothering anyone by asking for help. Soooo, I hope you soak up all the wuuuving in my letter, because I did my best to fuel it with the same energy you've given me. You helped me realize who I am, because you've shown me my strength. The least I could do to pay it forward, is write you a letter

Love you, -B <3


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Rebecca Carmen

On the bumpy path of healing and living creatively 🖤

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