Choose Your Life's Worth

by Laura Jane Rear 8 months ago in happiness

"Try to make ends meat, you're a slave to money then you die" Bittersweet Symphony, The Verve.

Choose Your Life's Worth
That's one way to win at life and make ends meet.

This is rather the controversial concern to explore and admittedly has so been fairly daunting to even self-negotiation or even navigate with my own war-on-words, never mind boldly chosen as my first - post-intro - piece to be Vocal with.

But it is that - a concern and to explore - as announced in my intro, is what I do and wish to share.

My concern in sheepishly following societies growing judgmental habit in celebrating our life's worth by championing what we do what we earn or what we have. What about how happy we are?

What is there in a life to have some celebrate and others envious of someone who has so much to show off yet is miserable? What success does surface image stuff have if under the facade that very same life is filled with misery thanks to exhaustion and stress in being able to put on said show. To me, if such things of job title, pay slip and purchased items don't hold the most rare and valuable quality in life - joy, in it's many possible and individual forms - from their working life's effort to achieve it, then what true value does it all have? What celebration is there;

- No passion or happiness but misery and stress devalue any materialism and bragging rights become wrong.

- If what we do, earn or have fails to also bring joy, in whatever form that may be - pride, passion or purpose (to suggest a few of the biggies) then why do what we do?

- No high amount on those price tags of any purchase can be a substitute for any form of joy - bragging with materialism is fleeting; adoring each day is a rare and precious value.

Happy in life? No? - Make a change!

Having nice things is nice, being able to spend money on them is a perk of adulting. What emphasis I am trying to get across here is they’re not everything in life, spending money on and owning things isn’t can’t and won’t be what IT is all about - they’re not the singular showcase for winning at life.

I see people spending what must be most of their monthly spares (or even maxing out credit cards) on items, things; following the opinion or interpretation of an image to then join in showing it off on Insta - whole lives posed for social media.

What about spending it on what makes up the real and lasting parts to a life; people, actions, experiences, lessons, ultimately making memories. They will all last as long as we do to enjoy them - longer than any stylised purchase to go out of fashion next season.

I wanted my words explore the habit we may have gotten into with a negative attitude towards what we now consider to be 'winning at life' following any judgmental habits from society we could be guilty of. Yet my previous paragraphs may have read as just that. I wish not to judge or even alter what is judged but encourage more time, attention and attitude spent not so much on value of earning but quality of life and the worth of what life’s happiness means to you.

To explore from a greater writing mind, one I follow fondly in the words from a current favourite novelist, try these conversational quotes from one of her books, they may speak a similar truth to you;

“You’ve known forever who you are, do you realize at all how unusual it is to know that?”

“I could do something else, and be as good, care as much or as little. I haven’t got that absolute conviction that there’s something in life I’m meant to do - and you have.”

“To have that passion for anything, that’s quite splendid and quite terribly rare.”

That want - joy in ambition and conviction in what we want out of or in life is individual, my point with this is trying to get across how life is short, our time is too damn precious and short lived to be wasted on chasing or trying to fulfill others version or vision of what is or could be the ideal greatest achievements for ourselves. We're too conscious or even self conscious of this and it destroys lives.

Don’t chase a path to your grave being a slave to money, the ‘image’ or opinions of others.

If you know of something you're meant to do with your life, who you are and what your passion is do not tarnish it by ruling it with the concern of how it may look to others... have the conviction of making it your own.

Let the pride, passion and purpose in it allow for the rare confirmation of joy in life - not waiting on appraisal of others, no one else will appreciate it's worth because its not theirs.

If this has spoken as enough of a truth to illicit a pause and a thought to if you are happy in what you do everyday or how/what you spend to bring joy, perhaps share with another you may know who'd appreciate a similar pause in their day...

I wish you a better tomorrow.

Laura Jane Rear
Laura Jane Rear
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