Calama's Recipe for a Lazy Day

Serving Size: 1 person, or number of people in household.

Calama's Recipe for a Lazy Day
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We all have those days where we wake up with no idea what do, or, even if we do, we have no inclination to do it. We don’t feel like going anywhere, and all projects, chores, or hobbies on our list suddenly seem either daunting or uninteresting and the only thing we can stomach at that point is a day of nothingness, because if we didn’t, just maybe our brains would explode, or our anxieties would skyrocket beyond recovery. Maybe it’s because we are lazy, or maybe it’s just because our brain and body are telling us to take a chill pill to calm the queasiness of our busy schedules and fast-paced lives.

Regardless, even when we feel like doing nothing, we don’t always know which “nothing stuff” to do. We ask ourselves, what do I have a taste for today? Should I indulge my eyes and rot my brain on the TV screen? Should I indulge my brain and rot my eyes on reading material? Or should I just rot my brain and eyes with gameplay on a screen until I’ve had my fill? But even though it’s a day to do nothing and be lazy, why not be ambitious and do all of them? Who says you can’t accomplish as much “nothing” as possible on a day to accomplish nothing? And so, I now provide you with a gourmet recipe on how to get the most out of your lazy day…

Prep Time: All day


- Lack of motivation to do anything productive

- 1 comfy sofa, bed, or chair

- 1 Delivery service from a food chain or restaurant (may also be substituted with comfort food or junk food in your pantry)

- Access to a TV, computer, or phone (stack of books or comics is also a suitable substitute)

- 1 game console, optional

- 1 Music-playing device (mp3 or iPod, phone, Bluetooth speaker, record player), optional

*Note: If woken up by an alarm on a lazy day, be sure to turn it off and sleep in for maximum rest


- For breakfast, if having food delivered to house, order extra to save for later. If eating stuff at home, eat pre-made or easy-make food (cereal, instant oatmeal, microwave sausage or bacon, toaster waffles, leftover pie or cake, etc.) to decrease effort and maximize laziness. If making coffee, use single-cup coffee maker rather than coffee pot that requires you to empty and change the grounds.

- Sit in comfy sofa, bed, or chair and spend two hours during breakfast on phone, browsing social media and leveling up on game apps.

- Turn on TV and binge-watch favorite shows or movie marathons, stopping only for bathroom breaks, snack breaks, and coffee breaks.

- For lunch, wait well past noon and have food delivered, or, if eating food at home, eat only the “munchables” (potato chips and onion dip, tortilla chips and salsa, popcorn, a whole box of crackers, etc.)

- If tired of binge watching, switch to two more hours of browsing social media or game apps on phone/playing online games on game console or computer/or reading from a stack of books, comics, or graphic novels. If desired, turn on music-playing device and have activity-appropriate genre playing in the background.

- Take a minimum of a one hour nap before dinner.

- For dinner, order food, or, if eating food at home, eat leftover breakfast food (breakfast for dinner is often satisfying), other leftovers, or pre-made/easy-make food (microwave pasta, oven-bake pizza, grilled cheese, etc.)

- If desired, add dessert that requires no effort such as ice cream

- Continue to read, game, or binge-watch until bedtime

Serving size: 1 person, or number of people in household

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