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Books And Other Wonderful Things

by Indu Seth about a month ago in happiness · updated 30 days ago
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My Passion

Books And Other Wonderful Things
Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

The rain drops landed on the windshield, making it hard to see the road ahead. The man on the radio had been predicting rainy weather for most of the day, his voice barely audible over the swishing sound of the windshield wipers. I had a habit of listening to the radio while driving. Sometimes, I listened because the familiar voice of my favorite broadcaster Josh, soothed me, and other times to catch up on current events. There were always interesting topics the station selected to debate about on their daily talk show. Today, Josh was talking about inflation, callers called in to give their views and how they were being affected by the rising cost of living.

A few minutes later, I turned the corner into the parking lot of a light-yellow coloured brick building with the high glass windows. My eyes rested on the sign at the lower side entrance as I drove by that said, Pottery Classes, in bold black letters. The parking lot was full of cars since it was the start of the weekend. Luckily, I was able to find an empty spot at the far back of the building. I finally turned off the ignition and pulled on my hat over my head to cover myself from the rain and grabbed my umbrella. It was a bit of a walk and it had started to rain harder.

When I finally entered the glass sliding doors into the building, I felt a sense of peace and calm wash over me. It was like entering a temple or one of the seven wonders of the world. I folded my umbrella and placed it at the corner of the entrance. I had driven through the rain to spend a few memorable hours here, there was a book I wanted to read. I stopped at the librarian's desk and waited, since she was busy helping another patron, when she was done, she said “How can I help you?" I gave her the title of the book I needed to borrow and within a minute she directed me in the right direction.

As I walked through the aisles aligned with horizontal shelves that held an abundance of paperback and hardcover publications, I spotted my book and picked it up, caressing the cover gently, admiring the colourful design, the font and curve of the letters that spelled out the title. I was amazed at how comfortable and at home I felt here. It was as if all the characters in the books had come alive and were welcoming me because they knew that the one day, the world I lived in now would eventually become a part of this historical collection.

I gazed around and saw that there were quite a few people in the library today, some were sitting at the computers and others were reading or walking through the aisles. I found an empty chair by the window, there were some magazines someone had left behind, one of them was open to a page that showed an article about an author whose book I had read recently. Being an avid reader, I visited here often. I had joined the library book club many years earlier as a way to keep up with my interest in reading.

When I headed outside about an hour later, the rain had stopped, and the sun had disappeared beyond the horizon. The streetlights cast their soft shadows onto the wet streets. I would still have time to read before the day was complete, I thought, my mind still filled with anticipation for the book I had borrowed.


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